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King's Game The Animation
Ōsama Game The Animation.png
王様ゲーム ジ・アニメーション
(Ōsama Gemu Ji Animēshon)
Light novel
Ousama Game
Written by Nobuaki Kanazawa
Published by Futabasha
Original run 20092015
Volumes 12
Written by Nobuaki Kanazawa
Illustrated by Hitori Renda
Published by Futabasha
Demographic Seinen
Imprint Action Comics
Magazine E☆Everystar
Original run 20112012
Volumes 5
Ousama Game: Shuukyoku
Written by Nobuaki Kanazawa
Illustrated by Hitori Renda
Published by Futabasha
Demographic Seinen
Imprint Action Comics
Magazine E☆Everystar
Original run 20122014
Volumes 5
Ousama Game: Kigen
Written by Nobuaki Kanazawa
Illustrated by Jeita Yamada
Published by Futabasha
Demographic Seinen
Imprint Action Comics
Magazine E☆Everystar
Original run 20142016
Volumes 6
Ousama Game: Rinjou
Written by Nobuaki Kanazawa
Illustrated by Hitori Renda
Published by Futabasha
Demographic Seinen
Imprint Action Comics
Magazine E☆Everystar
Original run January 22, 2015November 11, 2016
Volumes 4
Anime television series
Directed by Noriyoshi Sasaki
Written by Kenji Konuta
Music by Naoyuki Osada
Studio Seven
Licensed by
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11
Original run October 5, 2017 December 21, 2017
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Live-action film

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King's Game The Animation (王様ゲーム ジ・アニメーション, Ōsama Gemu Ji Animēshon) is an anime television series adaptation of the Ōsama Game cell phone novel and the sequel, Ōsama Game: Extreme. It is animated by Seven.


An entire high school class of 32 people receive a message on their cellphones from a person known only as the "King." The messages contain orders that the students must obey, or they risk the punishment of death. With their lives on the line, the students soon find out that the orders are getting more and more extreme as time goes on. But one student, Nobuaki Kanazawa, is determined to put a stop to the murderous King's Game, once and for all.


Nobuaki Kanazawa (金沢 伸明, Kanazawa Nobuaki)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano[1] (Japanese); Coby Lewin[2] (English)
Nobuaki Kanazawa is one of the main characters in the Ousama Game series. He is a student who transfers to Kure Academy following the first game. Nobuaki was a cheerful student with many friends before the first King's Game. Afterwards Nobuaki was so mentally damaged that he tried to transfer to a new school. While at this new school, Nobuaki has extreme difficulties making friends due to his aggressive nature and fear of losing any potential friends. Thus, when the King's Game begun again, Nobuaki tries to get everyone to work together to survive but everyone refused to believe him. After the deaths of many classmates, the remaining survivors, with the exception of Natsuko, gradually begin to trust him and be grateful of his attempt to try to save everyone. During the final battle with Natsuko, he was fatally killed by his throat getting cut and loss of blood by Natsuko.
Naoya Hashimoto (橋本 直也, Hashimoto Naoya)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana[1] (Japanese); Howard Wang[2] (English)
Naoya Hashimoto is Nobuaki's late best friend and one of the main characters of Ousama Game (Manga adaptation) before the events of Ousama Game The Animation. He finally died in a dice roll order where one student has to roll a die and name a number of students equal to the number rolled, and the roller and the named students would all get punished. He took the sacrifice to roll the die, rolling a 6.
Chiemi Honda (本多 智恵美, Honda Chiemi)
Voiced by: Mao Ichimichi[1] (Japanese); Alexis Tipton[2] (English)
Chiemi Honda is the late girlfriend of Nobuaki and one of the main characters of Ousama Game (Manga adaptation) before the events of Ousama Game The Animation. She was the second last survivor when her and Nobuaki were given a final order of killing the person they loved the most. Chiemi killed herself by stabbing herself in the chest so Nobuaki could survive.
Natsuko Honda (本多 奈津子, Honda Natsuko)
Voiced by: Yui Horie[1] (Japanese); Bryn Apprill[2] (English)
Natsuko Honda is the main antagonist of Ousama Game The Animation. She was a popular girl in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy who initially had a crush on Nobuaki. She was a very sweet person, usually being the first to introduce herself, and was cheerful and popular because of her outgoing nature. She was a fast runner as demonstrated at the sports relay race and later, at the King's race order. She is shown to be athletic, as she could climb and jump from a wired fence with ease and helped her team win at sports day. She is also emotional and she confides in her friends. It is revealed in Ousama Game: Kigen that she is the twin sister of Honda Chiemi. She has a darker, more twisted side to her as a result of the events of Ou-sama Game: Rinjou, where she was the lone survivor, but tries to hide it in hopes of a normal school life. She reveals her true colors when the new King's Game has begun and Nobuaki did not cooperate well with her. She was the antithesis of Nobuaki, firmly believing there can be only one survivor and selfishness and betrayal was a necessity for survival. During the final battle, she died by getting slashed at the back by Riona. Under her last breath, she also killed Nobuaki, refusing to let Riona win over him.
Toshiyuki Abe (阿部 利幸, Abe Toshiyuki)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka[1] (Japanese); Brian Olvera[2] (English)
Toshiyuki Abe was a student in the first King's game. He got demonstrative at the dice roll order by trying to force others to roll the die, including best friend Toshiyuki Fujioka. After being called out as a coward by everyone, he threatens everyone by trying to kill Chiemi, which forces Naoya to step up to roll the die. He died for being amongst the ones named by Naoya.
Shingo Adachi (安達 信吾, Adachi Shingo)
Voiced by: Shinya Hamazoe[1] (Japanese); Dalton Tindall[2] (English)
Shingo Adachi was a student in the first King's Game. He was given an order to text 'DIE' to two other classmates. He had a fight with his friends when debating who to text DIE to, which eventually resulted in him falling down a flight of stairs and dying.
Kenta Akamatsu (赤松 健太, Akamatsu Kenta)
Voiced by: Yuusuke Sasaki[1] (Japanese); Garrett Storms[2] (English)
Kenta Akamatsu was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He was a muscular student who was a 'big brother' figure to Nobuaki, coming to his rescue when his classmates beat him up. When Mizuki broke her phone, Kenta, who was ordered by the King to give any classmate an order of his choice, gave himself an order to protect Mizuki's life. He accompanied Nobuaki to go to Yonaki village to research about the King's Game, along with Mizuki. It was where he died, when he failed his order to protect Mizuki.
Mizuki Yukimura
Voiced by: Suzuna Kinoshita[1] (Japanese); Brittany Lauda[2] (English)
Mizuki Yukimura was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. She was given an order to text 'DIE' to two other classmates, but resisted and broke her phone. She accompanied Nobuaki and Kenta on the trip to Yonaki Village, where she got a new phone and was caught in a dilemma about whom to text DIE to. At the village, she declared her love for Kenta and wanted to text it to herself so they can both die together. Kenta knocked her out and sent the texts to Natsuko and himself in order to protect Mizuki's life. But it was not sufficient because she had broke her original cell phone, and texts sent on a new phone did not count, so she ended up dying with Kenta anyway.
Akira Aono (大野 明, Aono Akira)
Voiced by: Fukushi Ochiai[1] (Japanese); Brad Smeaton[2] (English)
Akira Aono was a student in the first King's game. In the anime, he died for breaking an order to avoid doing an unnecessary action, which was crying. This is different than the manga where he died in a paper-drawing game order where all the boys had to take turns choosing to either take 1, 2, or 3 sheets of paper. In the end whoever who had to take the 100th sheet got punished.
Toshiyuki Fujioka (藤岡 俊之, Fujioka Toshiyuki)
Voiced by: Koudai Sakai[1] (Japanese); Jean-Luc Hester[2] (English)
Toshiyuki Fujioka was a student in the first King's game. He was Toshiyuki Abe's friend who died alongside him in the dice roll order.
Tsubasa Furusawa (古澤 翼, Furusawa Tsubasa)
Voiced by: Masashi Uchida[1] (Japanese); Stephen Sanders[2] (English)
Tsubasa Furusawa was a student amongst the first casualties of the King's game in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He died for disobeying the order of not falling asleep. Nobuaki tried to save him by barging into his house, but it was too late.
Nami Hirano (平野 奈美, Hirano Nami)
Voiced by: Minori Suzuki[1] (Japanese); Jill Harris[2] (English)
Nami Hirano was a student in the first King's game. She had an order to give herself an order, and the order she decided was to find and touch the King after being convinced by Nobuaki that the King was a student in the class. It turned out unsuccessful and her punishment was to go blind. The next day, she committed suicide by drowning to help Nobuaki obey his order of losing something important to him.
Hirofumi Inoue (井上 浩文, Inoue Hirofumi)
Voiced by: Suguru Narisawa[1] (Japanese); Brandon McInnis[2] (English)
Hirofumi Inoue was a student in the first King's game. He died for breaking the order to avoid doing an unnecessary action, which was crying. He is a self-confessed "crybaby".
Satomi Ishii (石井 里美, Ishii Satomi)
Voiced by: Miyuu Tsuji[1] (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett[2] (English)
Satomi Ishii was amongst the first victims in the original Ousama Game. She died due to punishment for not letting Hideki Toyota touch her breasts.
Ria Iwamura (岩村 莉愛, Iwamura Ria)
Voiced by: Pile[1] (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz[2] (English)
Ria Iwamura was the third-last survivor in the first King's Game. She was quiet and friendless due to being emotionally scarred by her father raping her when she was younger. At first, she was selfishly trying to beat the King's Game by researching on her own, but when there were only three survivors, she reveals to Nobuaki that the King's Game originated from a virus that killed people through hypnosis. She tried to stop the game by deleting the virus from her laptop, but it was a trap and she got punished for trying to quit the game. Her punishment was death by incineration.
Tatsuya Jinba (神馬 達也, Jinba Tatsuya)
Voiced by: Yuusuke Tonozaki[1] (Japanese); Anthony Bowling[2] (English)
Tatsuya Jinba was a student in class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He died an unspecified death on the second day of the King's Game.
Yusuke Kawakami (河上 勇佑, Kawakami Yusuke)
Voiced by: Kimito Totani[1] (Japanese); Daman Mills[2] (English)
Yusuke Kawakami was a student in the first King's Game. He was close friends with and secretly in love with Kaori Maruoka. He helped Nobuaki do research about the King's Game and found out that it was originally played in a distant village. He died shortly after when he broke the rule do avoid doing an unnecessary action, which was crying.
Chia Kawano (川野 千亜, Kawano Chia)
Voiced by: Ami Fukushima[1] (Japanese); Natalie Hoover[2] (English)
Chia Kawano was a student in the first King's game. She vocally despised Toshiyuki Abe and was quick to call him out for his behaviour at the dice roll order. She ended up amongst the victims of the order along with Toshiyuki.
Akemi Kinoshita (木下 明美, Kinoshita Akemi)
Voiced by: Konomi Yuuzaki[1] (Japanese); Jennifer Alyx[2] (English)
Yuna Kobayashi (小林 優奈, Kobayashi Yuna)
Voiced by: Megumi Nakajima[1] (Japanese); Megan Shipman[2] (English)
Yuna Kobayashi was a student in Class 2-1 in Kure Academy. She initially appeared to be friends with Natsuko and participated in the relay race with her at the sports festival, but soon began distrusting her after she showed her true colors after the King's Game has begun. Natsuko used that to her advantage by using reverse psychology to convince her to go the wrong path up the mountain. She eventually falls off a cliff, and gets punished for failing to reach the summit in 24 hours.
Aya Kuramoto (倉本 綾, Kuramoto Aya)
Voiced by: Saki Fujita[1] (Japanese); Amber Lee Connors[2] (English)
Aya Kuramoto was a student of Class 2-1 in Kure Academy. Her order was to lose something precious to her. She tried to obey the order by killed her parents but was unsuccessful. In the end she had to kill her dog, which she resisted, resulting in her death by punishment.
Daiki Kurosawa
Voiced by: Hitoshi Horinouchi[1] (Japanese); Chris Thurman[2] (English)
Kaori Maruoka
Voiced by: Mariko Honda[1] (Japanese); Genna Ford[2] (English)
Kaori Maruoka was a student in the first King's game. She looked up to Yuusuke who helped stand up to her in elementary school. When Yuusuke died, she thought Nobuaki killed him so she tried to kill Nobuaki. Eventually she died from breaking the rule to avoid doing the unnecessary action of crying after Nobuaki told her that Yuusuke loved her and told Nobuaki to protect her after his death.
Masami Matsumoto
Voiced by: Miyu Tomita[1] (Japanese); Sara Ragsdale[2] (English)
Masami Matsumoto was a student in the first King's game. She slit her wrists on the night of the dice roll order, likely as an attempted suicide. She ended up dying for good when she was named in the dice roll.
Riona Matsumoto
Voiced by: Akari Uehara[1] (Japanese); Tabitha Ray[2] (English)
Riona Matsumoto was the final survivor of Ousama Game: The Animation in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. During the game, she does research about it and shares information with Nobuaki. She initially acts tough and makes Nobuaki use the honorific -san suffix when addressing her, but gradually falls in love with him. During the race order, she falls behind due to lack of stamina, but Nobuaki repeatedly sacrifices himself by running behind her and even running backwards, which makes her furious as she did not want to see Nobuaki die. In the final showdown, she kills Natsuko with a chainsaw, but Natsuko takes Nobuaki down with her right before she declares her love for Nobuaki. Afterwards, she dragged Nobuaki's body to the beach and it is implied she committed suicide by drowning.
Aimi Murazumi
Voiced by: Ibuki Kido[1] (Japanese); Lindsay Seidel[2] (English)
Aimi Murazami was a student and Natsuko's best friend in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. At the finger-breaking game, she initially refused to break her fingers to save Natsuko but Natsuko forcefully reminded her of the time they became best friends when Natsuko convinced the initially shy and weak Aimi to come out of her shell and participate in sports, so she ended up saving her. She disliked Nobuaki's aloof nature at first but eventually becomes grateful of his attempts to save everyone, especially at the racing order where Nobuaki tried to carry her. So when either Riona or Nobuaki were destined to die for being furthest away from the mountain, she sacrificed herself by running backwards.
Teruaki Nagata
Voiced by: Ryouta Suzuki[1] (Japanese); Matt Shipman[2] (English)
Teruaki Nagata was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He aspired to be a hairstylist and offered to cut Nobuaki his hair on his first day of class, which he eventually did at the finger-breaking game. After being raped by Natsuko due to an earlier King's order and having his phone snatched away, he defied Natsuko and tried to kill her by assigning negative points to her at the finger-breaking game, which was unsuccessful thanks to her convincing of Aimi to save her. Later, Natsuko tampered with Teruaki's phone to block the King's message, resulting in Teruaki de facto breaking the rule of attempting to quit the King's Game, resulting in his death.
Masatoshi Ooi
Voiced by: Yuu Sanada[1] (Japanese); Kyle Phillips[2] (English)
Masatoshi Ooi was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. At the racing order, he got shoved down a flight of stairs by classmate Takuya, resulting in him amongst last place. He tries to sacrifice himself by jumping into the ocean, but Nobuaki follows him and tries to save him, but was unsuccessful. However, Masatoshi turns out to have lived just long enough to get punished at the first 8-hour mark, saving Nobuaki and Riona.
Takuya Sakamoto
Voiced by: Satoshi Hino[1] (Japanese); Clifford Chapin[2] (English)
Takuya Sakamoto was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. At the racing order, he shoved Masatoshi down a flight of stairs and ditched the group who tried to take care of him. As he approached the summit, he got his legs stuck by a trap set up by Natsuko, who breaks his legs so he can no longer walk. Later, Rina catches up to him but refuses to save him because of what he did to Masatoshi. He eventually died due to punishment for failing to reach the summit after 24 hours.
Ryou Sagisawa
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kagura[1] (Japanese); Justin Briner[2] (English)
Ryou Sagisawa was a student and amongst the last survivors of Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He was effeminate and had a crush on Teruaki and began going insane after his death. Near the end, he resolved to be a man and sacrifice himself like Teruaki did and Nobuaki tried to do, so when the final order to cut the students' bodies was given, he tried to sacrifice himself by offering to cut his own leg with a chainsaw, resulting in his death from blood loss.
Aya Matsuoka
Voiced by: Yuka Ozaki[1] (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado[2] (English)
Aya Matsuoka was a student and amongst the last survivors of Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. Facing the final order from the King, after seeing Natsuko maniacally help her friend Ryou sacrifice himself by cutting his leg, tries to stop Natsuko by strangling her. Natsuko immediately kills her by slicing her torso.
Rina Minami
Voiced by: Kana Yūki[1] (Japanese); Heather Walker[2] (English)
Rina Minami was a student of Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. Under the King's order to race up Mt. Nuegarebi, she encounters her struggling classmates Takuya and Yuuna, but refuses to save Takuya for what he did to Masatoshi and gives up saving Yuuna after struggling to stop her falling off a cliff. She then encounters Natsuko who provokes her by asking if her classmates' deaths were in vain and asking if she has the willpower to kill all her remaining classmates to win the game. In a guilt-driven panic, she runs back to try to save them but trips over a branch and falls over a cliff.
Emi Mitazaki
Voiced by: Misaki Suzuki[1] (Japanese); Emily Fajardo[2] (English)
Haruka Momoki
Voiced by: Kazusa Aranami[1] (Japanese); Jessica Peterson[2] (English)
Haruka Momoki was a student of Class 2-1 in Kure Academy. Her order was to let Tsubasa touch her chest, but the order was unfulfillable because Tsubasa had already died, so as a result, she died due to punishment.
Misaki Nakajima
Voiced by: Risa Yuzuki[1] (Japanese); Jad Saxton[2] (English)
Minako Nakao
Voiced by: Mikoi Sasaki[1] (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft[2] (English)
Minako Nakao was a student in the first King's Game. She was Chia Kawano's best friend and was a victim in the dice roll order just like Chia.
Toshifumi Sakakibara
Voiced by: Hayato Horiuchi[1] (Japanese); Orion Pitts[2] (English)
Toshifumi Sakakibara was a student in class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He died an unspecified death in the second day of the King's Game.
Yuuichi Satou
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki[1] (Japanese); Jarrod Greene[2] (English)
Yuuichi Satou was a student in Class 2-1 of Kure Academy. He led the class in confronting Nobuaki for first trying to convince them the King's Game is real, and then for suspecting Nobuaki is the King himself after classmates did indeed get killed. While beating up Nobuaki, he died for breaking an unspecified rule.
Mami Shirokawa
Voiced by: Yuka Ootsubo[1] (Japanese); Felecia Angelle[2] (English)
Makoto Takada
Voiced by: Makoto Takada[1] (Japanese); Tyler Walker[2] (English)
Nanami Takumi
Voiced by: Rie Hanafusa[1] (Japanese); Skyler McIntosh[2] (English)
Daisuke Tasaki
Voiced by: Hisayoshi Suganuma[1] (Japanese); Dallas Reid[2] (English)
Daisuke Tasaki was Nobuaki's late friend in the first King's Game. His family is very rich and he aspires to be a musician. He had sex with classmate Shouta's girlfriend Misaki due to the King's order. As a result, when Shouta was ordered by the King to assign an order to anybody in the class, he ordered Daisuke to die, resulting in his death.
Hideki Toyota
Voiced by: Kenji Akabane[1] (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo[2] (English)
Hideki Toyota was amongst the first victims of the first King's Game. He died due to punishment for not touching Satomi's breasts.
Kana Ueda
Voiced by: Yui Makino[1] (Japanese); Megan Emerick[2] (English)
Kana Ueda was a participant in the first King's Game. She lost a popularity contest ordered by the King and committed suicide by jumping out of the window, before seeing the punishment.
Yosuke Ueda
Voiced by: Yuuma Uchida[1] (Japanese); Alejandro Saab[2] (English)
Yosuke Ueda was a participant in the first King's Game. He died from breaking the rule to avoid doing something unnecessary, which was crying.
Shouta Yahiro
Voiced by: Shuuta Morishima[1] (Japanese); Austin Tindle[2] (English)
Shouta Yahiro was a participant in the first King's game. He ordered Daisuke to die after Daisuki had sex with his girlfriend Misaki due to the King's order. He later died due to punishment for blocking the King's messages.
Hiroko Yamaguchi
Voiced by: Miya Amamiya[1] (Japanese); Kristen McGuire[2] (English)
Keita Yamashita
Voiced by: Yuusuke Nagano[1] (Japanese); John Wesley Go[2] (English)
Keita Yamashita was a participant in the first King's game. He was Naoya's friend, but at the dice roll order, his name was unintentionally called by Naoya, resulting in his death.




On August 1, 2017 an anime television series adaptation by Seven was announced. It premiered on October 5, 2017.[3][4] The series is directed by Noriyoshi Sasaki and Kenji Konuta is in charge of series composition. Kan Soramoto and Yōsuke Itō are in charge of character designs, and Soramoto is also credited as the chief animation director.[1] The opening theme is "Feed the Fire" by Coldrain[5] and the ending theme is "Lost Paradise" by Pile.[6] It ran for 12 episodes.[7] Crunchyroll is streaming the series while Funimation have licensed the series and streaming an English dub.[4] Anime Limited have licensed the series for a UK release.[8]

No. Title[a] Original air date
1 "Begin Again (Break Again)"
"Saikai" (再壊) 
October 5, 2017
High-school student Kanazawa Nobuaki transfers into a new school and tries to distance himself from his new classmates. At midnight Nobuaki receives a text from someone called the King outlining the rules of The Kings Game. Every student must participate and follow the instructions or face death. Nobuaki is ordered to kiss Honda Natsuko. Every student in class, who all received the text, think Nobuaki is joking. Nobuaki tries to explain the game is real, making most of them angry at him. Nobuaki, who has played the game before, decides to break the rules and die, meaning Natsuko will also die. As the 24 hour deadline approaches Nobuaki waits to die only for Natsuko to appear, confess her love and kiss him with seconds to spare. Nobuaki realises several people from class had received different instructions and rushes to find the other students with instructions. He is too late as he finds several of them have hanged themselves in their bedrooms. The surviving students, realising the game is real, accuse Nobuaki of being the murderer. One of the students, Satou Yuuichi, receives a punishment text for breaking a rule and immediately bleeds to death. 
2 "Chaos (Scars Disorder)"
"Konran" (痕乱) 
October 12, 2017
Natsuko realises she was instructed to have sex with Teruaki Nagata and panics. Nobuaki insists Natsuko and Taruaki must decide for themselves what they will do. Nobuaki has flashbacks to the first time he played the game and how his classmates immediately turned on each other after realising the game was real. He insists his new class must work together to survive the instructions, no matter what they are. Teruaki, desperate not to die, attempts to rape Natsuko. Natsuko suddenly overpowers Teruaki and becomes cold and hostile, having used the attempted rape to try force Nobuaki to reveal the secret to escaping the game, since he had survived it before. She swears she will survive no matter what and almost rapes Teruaki before pulling Nobuaki away from everyone else and criticising his intention to try and save everybody instead of focusing on his own survival. She loudly accuses him of trying to rape her himself, turning the whole class against him. She then tries to convince Mizuki, who received an instruction to text the word DIE to two other students, which would result in their death, to send the text to Nobuaki. 
3 "Friendship (Melting Emotion)"
"Yūjō" (融情) 
October 19, 2017
Akamatsu Kenta happens to see his classmates and Nobuaki gather at Bunko park, but then he sees that Nobuaki was hurt, and accuses the class of beating up Nobuaki. Annoyed, Natsuko tries to convince Mizuki to send DIE to Kenta and Nobuaki, but she refuses and smashes her phone on the floor, breaking it. Kenta then carries Nobuaki to the hospital and a terrified Mizuki comes along. Then, Mizuki, Kenta and Nobuaki all went to a deserted area where Kenta was assigned by the King to give an order to a classmate and they must follow it. He decides to give himself the order to protect Mizuki's life, to make her feel better. Then Nobuaki tells Kenta and Mizuki about another flashback of another of his classmates dying because they lost a popularity voting contest. Meanwhile, Natsuko picks up the phone Nobuaki dropped. 
4 "Breakthrough (Solutions/Hades)"
"Kaimei" (解冥) 
October 26, 2017
Nobuaki tells Kenta and Mizuki about a distant village where the King's game was originally played, and they start travelling to that village to get more information to be able to end the game. On the lengthy train ride, Nobuaki has another flashback where he deduced the King is someone in his class, and his classmate Nami, who had to give herself an order, takes that advice and orders herself to touch the King. It proved to be unsuccessful after she touched everyone in the class and nothing happened. That night, Nobuaki finds Nami to comfort her and they begin bonding. Nami then gets a punishment to go blind, and Nobuaki gets an order to lose something important. He tries to break all his possessions in his house, and even tried breaking up with Chiemi, but his attempts were futile. Finally, he completed his order when Nami decided to help Nobuaki by drowning herself. As Nobuaki sobs uncontrollably, Ria, a mysterious girl in his class, finds him and calls him stupid. 
5 "Wail (Karma/Tears)"
"Gōkyū" (業泣) 
November 2, 2017
Ria chastises Nobuaki for his lack of resolve to beat the game. Later, his classmate Yousuke begins doing research and finds useful information about the King's game, including the fact that each classmate got a one-character text from the King before their death, and the fact that the game was played 30 years ago in a village. Yousuke then shortly dies, amongst almost half the class who broke the latest rule to not to do anything 'unnecessary', which was crying, deduced by Nobuaki. While waiting for the train to the village, Nobuaki gets hit in the head, and wakes up in a room with his hands tied. Kaori accuses Nobuaki of being the King and killing Yousuke. Nobuaki explains the situation and tells Kaori that Yousuke likes her and that he told Nobuaki to protect Kaori if anything happened to him. Kaori cries and dies for breaking the rule. 
6 "Revolt (Counter/Oppress)"
"Hangyaku" (反虐) 
November 10, 2017
A new order was given in which one student has to roll a die, and name the number of students equal to the number rolled, and that student amongst the named students will all be punished. After a heated discussion culminating in Toshiyuki Abe threatening to kill Chiemi, Naoya finally steps up to roll the die. He rolled a 6 and all the remaining classmates ended up dying, except Nobuaki, Chiemi, and Ria. Ria uses the data collected between her and Yousuke and explains to Nobuaki the cause of the deaths was because of hypnosis from a computer virus that is directly linked to the King's Game. She then attempts to delete the virus, but is immediately punished for attempting to stop the game. With nearly all of the students gone, Nobuaki and Chiemi are the only ones left. Meanwhile, in the present time, Mizuki gets a new phone and Nobuaki, Kenta, and her finally arrive at the gates of the village. 
7 "Eternity (Forever/Dread)"
"Eien" (永厭) 
November 16, 2017
While exploring the village that has become a decrepit ghost town, a house with the name 'Honda' catches Nobuaki's eye, and he goes in while Kenta and Mizuki wait outside. He discovers a few notes from what appears to be Chiemi's father and a picture with both the name Chiemi and Natsuko. He deduces that Chiemi and Natsuko were sisters and their father is connected to the King's game, and from Natsuko's suspicious actions earlier, she may have also been a survivor of a King's game. Meanwhile, Mizuki experiences significant inner turmoil about whom to text DIE to, eventually deciding to text it to herself. She declares her love for Kenta, and that by sending those texts, they would both die (because of Kenta failing his order) and be together forever. Angry about Mizuki's lack of resolve to live, Kenta knocks her out and sends the texts to himself and Natsuko instead on her phone. Nobuaki finds them, and they realize the texts didn't work because they were not sent from Mizuki's original phone, so Mizuki and Kenta both end up dying. Then Nobuaki gets a call from Natsuko on his own stolen phone, raping Teruaki while mocking Nobuaki of their deaths. 
8 "Determination (Blood/Judgement)"
"Ketsudan" (血断) 
November 23, 2017
Teruaki tries to call someone for help but Natsuko catches him and takes his phone too. Nobuaki finds hints from a notebook indicating that the characters appearing in the King's victims' phones is a bug and that mutation is a likely way to end the game. He rushes back to his hometown to share information after suddenly getting a call from classmate Riona Matsumoto who was also doing research about the King's game. Riona reveals she knows about Natsuko's late classmate Ria, who was also collecting the characters from the victims and they were remarkably similar to the ones Riona saw Natsuko was looking at after Yuuichi died. Then Natsuko gathers everybody at Bunko Park for the next order, where the class takes turns by seat order to break their fingers; the right fingers are worth +1 point each and left fingers -1 each, with the option to pass, and at the end of the game, anyone with a negative point total is punished. Natsuko intends to make things violent and kill Nobuaki with her strategy, but everyone seems to rebel by passing, including Nobuaki who was advised to pass. Then it is Teruaki's turn. After stalling the game by giving Nobuaki a haircut, Teruaki breaks his left hand. 
9 "Solidarity (Wedge/Binds)"
"Kessoku" (楔束) 
November 30, 2017
Teruaki threatens to assign -5 points to Natsuko unless gives back their phones. She gives back Nobuaki's phone but Teruaki assigns -4 points to Natsuko and -1 to her best friend Aimi. Then everyone else passes and Aimi is the last person to take a turn. She is reluctant to break her hand to save Natsuko and reveals Teruaki giving her a negative point was part of the plan to test whether Natsuko is a real friend by saving her. But Natsuko coerces Aimi to think about when she has helped her in the past, and she ends up breaking her fingers to save Natsuko and herself. Later, Nobuaki again convinces everyone to stick together and work as a team survive, but is again dismissed by Natsuko insisting there can only be one survivor like in her previous King's game. Then Teruaki gets a punishment, caused by Natsuko blocking the King's messages on Teruaki's phone to force him to break the rule to retaliate him. 
10 "Race (Evil/Run)"
"Kyōsō" (凶走) 
December 7, 2017
The remaining 10 students are given an order to race to Mt. Nuegakubi, where every 8 hours the person farthest away gets punished. While Natsuko leaves everyone behind in the dust, Nobuaki repeatedly goes out of his way to help his classmates who are falling behind, despite them insisting multiple times that they don't need to be saved, insisting he could not bear to see anyone die anymore. His efforts winds him up amongst the students in last place, with Riona who lacks stamina and Masatoshi who got shoved down a flight of stairs by classmate Takuya. He also appears to have pushed himself to the limit as he begins to hallucinate. As they are running along the ocean, Masatoshi suddenly jumps in the water. Nobuaki follows to save him but fails to do so and Masatoshi drowns. Riona then warms him up and Nobuaki regains his resolve to continue. As the 8-hour mark is imminent, Nobuaki deliberately stops to tie his shoelace, just as a death punishment text gets sent. 
11 "Advance (Forward/Invade)"
"Zenshin" (前侵) 
December 14, 2017
It turns out the punishment text was for Masatoshi. Riona is furious at Nobuaki for his insensitivity. After 8 more hours however, Nobuaki tries to do pull same trick by running the opposite direction, but the text was instead sent for Aimi who was grateful for Nobuaki's earlier actions and sacrificed herself by running the opposite way. Nobuaki reveals to Riona the conclusion of his first King's game where him and Chiemi were given an order to kill the person they love the most, and Chiemi had killed herself for Nobuaki to survive, and Nobuaki got a text from the King with the choice to either continue the game or get punished. Meanwhile, Natsuko reaches the summit first and uses various tactics to deter her incoming classmates Takuya, Yuuna, and Rina, resulting in their deaths. Nobuaki and Riona catch up with Ryou and Aya, and within minutes before the 8-hour mark, approach the summit but Natsuko stands in the way. With just 5 students remaining, can Nobuaki put a stop to the murderous King's Game once and for all? 
12 "Demise (End/Grudge)"
"Shūen" (終怨) 
December 21, 2017

The gang overpowers Natsuko and reach the summit, just as they get their next order to cut their body parts to make a human doll. Ryou offers to sacrifice first so Natsuko helps him cut his leg using a chainsaw. Seeing Ryou dead, Aya tries to strangle Natsuko but Natsuko just cuts her body off with her chainsaw. With only Nobuaki, Riona, and Natsuko remaining, they finally calm down to brainstorm how to end the game once and for all. They combine the one-letter texts from the dead classmates and finally discover the truth about the King's Game: It is, in fact, an apocalyptic virus-type of game that will never end unless every player dies. If there is a survivor the virus is carried on by them and the game will continue until all of humanity is destroyed. Natsuko tries to kill Nobuaki by strangling him for confirming her suspicions of him giving everyone false hope, but Riona attacks Natsuko with the chainsaw and fatally wounds her. With Natsuko seemingly dead, Riona begins declaring her love for Nobuaki but using the last of her breath, Natsuko kills Nobuaki with the chainsaw, claiming she loved Nobuaki first and refusing to let Riona take him. As the only surviving classmate, Riona drags Nobuaki's corpse to the beach and implicitly commits suicide by drowning herself along with Nobuaki's dead body. In the end, all 32 students have succumbed to death due to the apocalyptic virus known as... The King's Game.

In the epilogue, somewhere in Japan, a random student gets a text from the King, saying the King's Game has begun once again. The anime series ends with an unanswered cliffhanger with the words 'To be continued...' on the end card. 


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