King's Lead Hat

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"King's Lead Hat"
Song by Brian Eno
from the album Before and After Science
ReleasedDecember 1977 (1977-12)
1978 (1978) (single remix)
Songwriter(s)Brian Eno
Producer(s)Brian Eno
Audio sample
"King's Lead Hat"

"King's Lead Hat" is a song written by Brian Eno, released in 1977 as the fifth track from his album Before and After Science. The title is an anagram of "Talking Heads".[1] In 1978, a remixed version of the song was released as a single backed by "R.A.F.", a collaboration with Snatch.

Rock critic Lester Bangs described the song "King's Lead Hat" as a track that emphasises "Eno's affinities with new wave in its rushed mechanical rhythms".[2] Eno would later produce Talking Heads' second, third and fourth albums, including Remain in Light (1980).

Cultural influences[edit]

The film Survivor shows a London pub with the name "King's Lead Hat" at approximately 26 minutes into the film.

Cover versions[edit]


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