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The historic Lincoln Theatre

King-Lincoln Bronzeville (or King-Lincoln for short) is a historically African American neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, and the site of considerable revitalisation and renovation projects on behalf of the city.

The King-Lincoln neighborhood is bound by Broad Street to the south, 20th Street to the east, Atcheson Street to the north, and I-71 to the west according to the City of Columbus [1] and is part of the larger "Bronzeville" area.

In 2009, the King-Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association asked that the neighborhood be renamed to Bronzeville to reflect its history.[1]


The area was at one time much larger, including parts of what is now the Discovery District. The construction of Interstate 71 significantly cut the area off from downtown, causing socioeconomic decline and the growth of crime and violence.[original research?] The neighborhood has become the focus of the city's revitalization efforts which include renovation of the historic Lincoln Theatre, construction of new condos and expansion of retail space along Mt. Vernon Avenue and Long Street,[2] which hosts the annual Long Street Tour cycling event.



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