King-Lincoln Park

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King-Lincoln Park is an 18.8 acre (76,000 m²) park in Newport News, Virginia. It is maintained by the Newport News Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.


King-Lincoln Park is located at 600 Jefferson Avenue, where the road meets the waters of Hampton Roads harbor.


The land that makes up King-Lincoln Park was known as Pinkett's Beach until it was turned into a park by the city in 1968. It was originally known as Lincoln Park to honor Abraham Lincoln. After the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the park's name was changed to honor him as well.

Recently, an effort has been made to drop the Lincoln name from the park and rename it Martin Luther King Jr. Park.


The park offers visitors a saltwater fishing pier, a beach, basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground and picnic shelters. A stage has been built at the park for presentation of events such as concerts. A nature center with interpretive programs is present. Floral gardens are planned.

Coordinates: 36°58′3.5″N 76°24′40.7″W / 36.967639°N 76.411306°W / 36.967639; -76.411306