King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

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King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

مركز الملك عبدالله للدراسات والبحوث البترولية
Abbreviation KAPSARC
Motto Research. Rethink. Reshape.
Formation 2010
Headquarters Riyadh
Khalid AlFalih
Samer AlAshgar
VP of Research
David Hobbs
Key person
Abdulhadi Al Mansouri

KAPSARC, the abbreviation for the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it began its activities in 2010. It is as an independent, non-profit institution that focuses on research in energy economics, policy, technology, and the environment. Its research areas include global energy markets and economics, energy efficiency and productivity, energy and environmental technologies, and carbon management. The organization has a multi-national research team.

It was established by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as an element of the broader theme of reform in the region and emphasizes the openness, equality, and diversity of gender, nationality, and backgrounds—in a manner similar to the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. The Center has employees from over 20 nationalities, and its workforce is 40% women. One of its first research papers (2012) deals with the welfare state in Saudi Arabia, the social cost resulting from the high correlation between the Saudi income and the oil price.[1]


In July 2007, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called for the establishment of an independent center to conduct objective and scientific research in the field of energy. Interim management was given to Saudi Aramco in 2008 to plan the center’s mandate and facilities. The Center’s real existence started in 2012. The first phase of the facilities opened in September 2012 when the center transferred its base of operations from Dhahran to Riyadh. In April 2013, the residential campus officially opened for business.


KAPSARC is an autonomous institution, financially and legally. It is funded by proceeds from its own endowment and only reports to an internationally composed Board of Trustees, consisting of seven members, including the a chairman, president, and five independent members, who set policies and approve the strategic, operational, and financial plans of the Center. Members include His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Jasser and Sir Keith O’Nions. US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz was a founding member of the Board of Trustees but had to step down to accept his new role as Secretary of Energy

KAPSARC also has an International Advisory Council that advises on ongoing programs and research projects. It consists of several members of international stature, such as John Hamre, Daniel Yergin, George M. Whitesides, and others.[2]

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