Sam Sung District

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Sam Sung
Amphoe location in Khon Kaen Province
Amphoe location in Khon Kaen Province
Coordinates: 16°32′35″N 103°4′47″E / 16.54306°N 103.07972°E / 16.54306; 103.07972Coordinates: 16°32′35″N 103°4′47″E / 16.54306°N 103.07972°E / 16.54306; 103.07972
Country  Thailand
Province Khon Kaen
Seat Kranuan
 • Total 116.7 km2 (45.1 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 • Total 23,672
 • Density 202.8/km2 (525/sq mi)
Time zone THA (UTC+7)
Postal code 40170
Geocode 4021

Sam Sung (Thai: ซำสูง, pronounced [sām sǔːŋ]) is a district (Amphoe) of Khon Kaen Province, northeastern Thailand.


The minor district (King Amphoe) was established on March 31, 1994 by splitting five tambon from Kranuan district. The establishment of the new district became effective on April 30.[1][2]

Following a decision of the Thai government on May 15, 2007, all of the 81 minor districts were to be upgraded to full districts.[3] With the publishing in the Royal Gazette on August 24 the upgrade became official.[4]


Neighboring districts are (from the southwest clockwise) Mueang Khon Kaen, Nam Phong and Kranuan of Khon Kaen Province, and Chuen Chom and Chiang Yuen of Maha Sarakham Province.


The district is subdivided into 5 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 34 villages (muban). The township (thesaban tambon) Sam Sung (เทศบาลตำบลซำสูง) covers the complete tambon Kranuan. There are further 4 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai name Villages Inh.
1. Kranuan กระนวน 6 5,188
2. Kham Maet คำแมด 5 3,449
3. Ban Non บ้านโนน 9 5,877
4. Khu Kham คูคำ 7 4,624
5. Huai Toei ห้วยเตย 7 4,534


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