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King Oweida of Nauru.

King Aweida (born Aweijeda, 1850 in Boe, Nauru – 1921 in Gabab Channel, Nauru) was a monarch in the Pacific nation of Nauru.

Place in history[edit]

King Aweida standing in the middle before a flag of Imperial Germany.
Aweida and his loyal island people.

Before Nauru came under European rule, it was governed by a king who made laws that were enforced by local chiefs. When Germany annexed Nauru to German New Guinea, Aweida retained his sovereignty as king and remained the chieftain of the Nauruan people, although very little else is known about him. Aweijeda was born to Chief Jim and his wife, Eidingab of the Emea tribe. His first marriage was to a chieftain's daughter, Eibinua of the Eamwit tribe from Bush village. They had several children. After Eibinua died, Aweijeda remarried, this time to Eidukiri, also of the Eamwit tribe but they had no children.[1]

In the second photograph, King Aweida is wearing the top hat. His wife, Ebinua, the chiefly woman, is wearing a white robe. This photograph is the right hand image of a stereoscopic pair.

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