King Baudouin metro station

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(STIB-MIVB) Panneau Baudouin.png
Location Amandelbomenlaan, Laeken
Coordinates 50°53′47″N 4°19′40″E / 50.89639°N 4.32778°E / 50.89639; 4.32778Coordinates: 50°53′47″N 4°19′40″E / 50.89639°N 4.32778°E / 50.89639; 4.32778
Owned by STIB/MIVB
Opened 1998
Preceding station   Brussels Metro   Following station
Line 6 Terminus

The King Baudouin Metro Station (Dutch: Koning Boudewijn, French: Roi Baudouin) is western terminus of line 6 (formerly 1A) of the Brussels Metro. It serves the King Baudouin Stadium. It was opened on 25 August 1998.

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