King Brothers Productions

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King Brothers Productions
Industry Film production
Founded 1941
Defunct Late 1960s
Products Films

King Brothers Productions was a film production company[1] active from 1941 to the late 1960s, and founded by brothers Frank, Maurice (Maury), and Herman King.

The three got their start in the early 1940s manufacturing film projectors then quickly moved on to making films. Some of their films include Dillinger (1945), Suspense (1946), Gun Crazy (1949), Carnival Story (1954), The Brave One (1954, which earned writer Dalton Trumbo (who also worked on Gun Crazy) a Best Screenplay Academy Award), Gorgo (1961), Captain Sindbad (1963), and Heaven With a Gun (1968).

The King Brothers were also involved in early attempts to film a movie adaptation of Planet of the Apes, finally filmed by another studio, and released in 1968.


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