King Christian X's Liberty Medal

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King Christian X's Liberty Medal
Kong Christian den Tiendes frihedsmedaille
AM063720 Kong Christian Xs frihetsmedalje adverse.jpgAM063720 Kong Christian Xs frihetsmedalje reverse.jpg
Obverse and reverse of the medal
Awarded by King Christian X
Country  Denmark
Eligibility Foreigners and Danes living abroad[1]
Awarded for Special contributions to the struggle for a free Denmark.[1]
Post-nominals Chr.X.Fr.M.
Established May 1946[1]
Total awarded Approximately 3000
DNK Kong Christian den Tiendes frihedsmedaille ribbon bar.png
Ribbon bar of the medal

King Christian X's Liberty Medal (Danish: Kong Christian den Tiendes frihedsmedaille) was a commemorative decoration awarded by King Christian X for special services to Denmark during World War II.[1]


The medal is circular and made of silver. It is suspended by an integral crown suspension. The obverse bears the efigy in profile of King Christian X, facing right. Inscribed around the edge is CHRISTIANUS X REX DANIÆ (Christian X King of the Danes). The reverse is inscribed with PRO DANIA (for Denmark) and dated 1940-1945 surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves.[2]



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