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King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College
Logo gsmc my creation.png
Official Logo of S.G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital
MottoNon Sibi Sed Omnibus
TypeEducation and research institution
DeanDr.Ramesh Bharmal
Location, ,
AffiliationsMaharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
College Building

King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (Marathi: Rājā Êḍvarḍ (Sātavē) Smārak Rugṇālaya Va Sēṭh Gōvardhandās Sundaradās Vaidyakīya Mahāvidyālaya), located in Mumbai, is amongst the foremost teaching and medical care providing institutions in India.[1] It was founded in 1926, and is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik.[2]

The medical college (school) provides training to about 2000 students in undergraduate, postgraduate and superspeciality medical courses; in undergraduate and postgraduate physical and occupational therapy courses; Masters and PhD courses in various allied specialties. A nursing school is also maintained by this institution.[3]

With about 390 staff physicians and 550 resident doctors, the 1800 bedded hospital treats about 1.8 million out-patients and 85,000 in-patients annually. It provides both basic care and advanced treatment facilities in all fields of medicine and surgery.[3] Funded mainly by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, this institution renders virtually free of cost service to the underprivileged sections of the society.[3]


University and college rankings
Medical - India
India Today (2017)[4]7
Outlook India (2017)[5]8
The Week (2017)[6]12

Merit list toppers across the state of Maharashtra, select this civic-run medical college as their first preference.[7] The college was ranked seventh among medical colleges in India in 2017 by India Today,[4] 12th by The Week,[6] and eighth by Outlook India.[5]

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni include:

Notable Milestones[12][edit]

  • The first Indian Medical College of modern medicine to be fully staffed by qualified Indian doctors.
  • The first Occupational Therapy School in Asia
  • The first Physiotherapy School in Southeast Asia
  • The first Plasma Fractionation Unit in Asia
  • The first Indian hospital to have an Ayurveda Research Centre in conjunction with an allopathic set-up
  • The first Indian Medical College and Hospital having an indexed medical journal (Journal of Postgraduate Medicine)
  • The only Department of Sexology for a billion people
  • The first clinical pharmacology ward in the country
  • The first dedicated Orthopaedic department in the country
  • The first department of Cardio-thoracic Pathology in India
  • The first Nutrition Research Unit attached with a physiology department in India
  • The first department of cardiovascular and thoracic anaesthesia in India
  • First specialized epilepsy surgery department in Western India
  • First department of interventional electrophysiology in western India
  • First dedicated Esophageal Laboratory in the country
  • First Intensive Cardiac Care Unit in India
  • The first Indian hospital to perform a live donor kidney transplant in India
  • The first Indian hospital to perform heart transplant surgery
  • The first liver transplant in India (1968)
  • The first documented test-tube baby in India
  • The first Indian hospital to acquire an ECG machine
  • The first mitral commisurotomy in India (1952)
  • The first Indian hospital to perform craniofacial surgery
  • Pioneering work on the use of diethylcarbamazine in tropical eosinophilia
  • Pioneering work on the use of Rauwolffia serpentina in hypertension
  • First balloon atrial septostomy procedure in the country
  • First balloon dilatation of cor-triatriatum in the world
  • First fetal echocardiography-guided interventional therapy in the country
  • First transcatheter closure of ASD in Western India
  • The first cadaveric temporal bone and micro ear surgery workshops (1976)
  • The first Department of Preventive and Social Medicine to start a Mobile Health Unit in India (1964)
  • Highest annual processing of blood samples in India (about 36,000/year in 1998, 1999)
  • Highest annual collection of blood unit in India (about 30,000/year in 1998, 1999)
  • Highest number of blood donation camps held by a single blood bank in India
  • Single largest collection in India with a single Blood Bank in a day: 5679 units of blood
  • Pioneering work on in-vitro testing of Indian hepatoprotective agents
  • First intravenous anesthesia with Thipentone sodium (1940s)
  • First hypothermia technique for ASD (1953)
  • First All India Conference of Indian Society of Anesthetists (1949)
  • First total spinal technique for controlled hypotension (1954)
  • Largest numbers of presidents of Indian Society of Anesthetists from a single Institution (five)
  • First cardiac catherisation in India 1959-60
  • Pioneering work on recreation of reptilean heart vascular pattern in mammalian heart (1965)
  • Pioneering work on the association of tuberculosis with non-specific aortoarteritis (1963)
  • First interventional radiological procedures in India 1975
  • Discovery of Bombay Blood group
  • Pioneering work on release and grafting of trismus in submucus fibrosis

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