King Edward VIII Falls

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Coordinates: 5°29′10″N 59°47′53″W / 5.48611°N 59.79806°W / 5.48611; -59.79806 King Edward VIII Falls is an 840-foot-tall (260 m) single plunge waterfall found on the Semang River in the Potaro-Siparuni highlands, southern Guyana.

Waterfall has formed on the escarpment of Pacaraima Mountains and has eroded the Precambrian quartzite and conglomerate, forming an amphitheatre.[1] Falls was noted by explorer Paul A. Zahl in 1935 and a photograph of the falls is found in his book, "To the Lost World".[2] This remote area is seldom visited.

This waterfall often is confused with another waterfall - a lengthy set of rapids on the New River (itself a major tributary to the Corentyne River) named King Edward VI Falls (not to be confused with King George VI Falls, a tall plunge near the Venezuelan border).[3] There are several falls in Guyana that are named after kings and this has created some long standing confusion.


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