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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
King Fahd National Library
مكتبة الملك فهد الوطنية
CountrySaudi Arabia
TypeNational library
Established1990; 29 years ago (1990)
LocationOlaya, Riyadh
CoordinatesCoordinates: 24°41′9″N 46°41′13″E / 24.68583°N 46.68694°E / 24.68583; 46.68694
Access and use
MembersSalman Al Saud (Chairman)

The King Fahd National Library (KFNL, Arabic: مكتبة الملك فهد الوطنية‎) is the legal deposit and copyright library for Saudi Arabia. KFNL was established in 1983 in response to an initiative made by the people of Riyadh when King Fahd ascended the throne. The project was announced in 1983 and the implementation started in 1986.


The library was established in 1990[1] and is located in Riyadh.[2] Among its special collections are the libraries of Ihsan Abbas, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd al Aziz al Mani, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Khamis, Sheikh Uthman Ibn Hamad al Haqil, Sheikh Muhammad Husayn Zaydan, Fawzan Ibn Abd al Aziz al Fawzan, Yusuf Ibrahim al Sallum, Muhammad Musa al Salim, Sheikh Muhammad Mansur al Shaqha, Sheikh Abd Allah Abd al Aziz al Anqari, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Umar al Sheikh, Sheikh Abd Allah Ibn Muhammad al Nasban, and Sheikh Husayn Ibn Abd Allah al Jarisi.[1]

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