King Faisal Street

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King Faisal Street
شارع الملك فيصل
King Faisal Street, Aleppo, Saint Matilda Church and Rahman Mosque.jpg
Saint Matilda Church and ar-Rahman Mosque at King Faisal Street
Length 2.5 km (1.6 mi)
Location Al-Jamiliyah and al-Sabil districts, Aleppo, Syria
Coordinates 36°12′47″N 37°08′28″E / 36.21306°N 37.14111°E / 36.21306; 37.14111Coordinates: 36°12′47″N 37°08′28″E / 36.21306°N 37.14111°E / 36.21306; 37.14111
Inauguration 1919

King Faisal Street (Arabic: شارع الملك فيصل‎‎) is a main street in central Aleppo, Syria. Located to the northwest of the Saadallah Al-Jabiri Square connecting the Aleppo Public Park with Al-Sabil Park.[1] The street ends up with Shihan Square to the north of the city centre.


King Faisal street was founded in 1919, to connect al-Jamiliyah district at the city centre with al-Sabil park, through the Syriac district. It was named in the honour of Faisal I the king of Syria.

In 1964, the Saint Matilda Melkite Greek church was opened on the street. Later in 1978, Al-Rahman mosque was built on the street, adjacent to al-Sabil park.

The street served as a highway until 2008 when the separating green row of trees was removed and the street was turned to a single-way avenue.