King Hui of Zhou

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Not to be confused with King Hui of Chu.
King Hui of Zhou
King of China
Reign 676–652 BC
Predecessor King Xi of Zhou
Successor King Xiang of Zhou
Died 652 BC
Spouse Huì[1]
Issue King Xiang of Zhou
Full name
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Làng (閬)
House Zhou Dynasty
Father King Xi of Zhou[2]

King Hui of Zhou (Chinese: 周惠王; pinyin: Zhōu Huì Wáng) was the seventeenth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty and the fifth of Eastern Zhou.[3]


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King Hui of Zhou
Died: 652 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King Xi of Zhou
King of China
676–652 BC
Succeeded by
King Xiang of Zhou