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King Juan Carlos I Prize in Economics is an award recognizing the scientific career of Spanish or Latin American personalities in the field of the economics. It was created in 1986 by the Foundation José Celma Prieto and it is awarded every two years. The president of the jury is the Governor of the Bank of Spain.

It is the most highly recognized prize for economics research in Spain and Latin America.


These are the recipients of the prize:

Year Recipient Country Alma mater
1986 Luis Ángel Rojo Duque Spain Complutense University of Madrid
1988 Andreu Mas-Colell Spain Minnesota University
1990 Julio Certain Sánchez Spain Complutense University of Madrid
1992 Miguel Mancera Aguayo Mexico Yale University
1994 Gabriel Tortella Married Spain University of Wisconsin
1996 Salvador Barberà Sànchez Spain Northwestern University
1998 Enrique Fuentes Quintana Spain Complutense University of Madrid
2000 Guillermo Calvo[1] Argentina University Yale
2002 Juan Velarde Fuertes[2] Spain Complutense University of Madrid
2004 Xavier Sala and Martín[3] Spain Harvard University
2006 Gonzalo Anes Álvarez of Castrillón[4] Spain Complutense University of Madrid
2008 Joaquim Muns Albuixech [ca] Spain University of Barcelona
2010 Pedro Schwartz Girón Spain London School of Economics
2012 Jaime Terceiro Lomba[5] Spain Autonomous University of Madrid
2014 Agustín Maravall Herrero[6] Spain Wisconsin University
2016 José Luis García Delgado[7] Spain Complutense University of Madrid


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