Jun of Gojoseon

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Jun of Gojoseon
Hangul 준왕
Hanja 準王
Revised Romanization Jun Wang
McCune–Reischauer Chun Wang

King Jun of Gojoseon was a king of the Korean kingdom of Gojoseon. He was succeeded by Wiman, whose usurpation of the throne began the Wiman Joseon period of Gojoseon.

Overthrowing and exile into Mahan[edit]

Wiman entered Gojoseon as a refugee, and submitted to King Jun. Jun granted Wiman's request to serve as a commander of the western borders in Beonjoseon. However, sometime between 194 and 193 BC, Wiman led a revolt, and chased Jun down into Mahan territory, which encompassed the Korean peninsula.

Jun's last surname is uncertain. While some people say Ki some people say Han. Cheongju Han clan claims to be a direct descendant of him.

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Jun of Gojoseon
Died: 194 BC
Regnal titles
Last known title holder:
King of Korea
c. 220 BC – 194 BC
Succeeded by