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King Koil is a United States-based brand of mattresses and bedding with 40 factories in 80 countries. The company is based in Willowbrook, Illinois. King Koil mattresses are sold in various furniture/mattress stores around the country. King Koil mattresses are designed and developed in cooperation with the International Chiropractors Association. King Koil are sold at retail using several brands, the World Luxury mattress, iMattress, the Extended Life mattress and the Duck Dynasty mattress.


In St. Paul, Minnesota Samuel Bronstien founded the United States Bedding Company in 1898. Samuel, his wife and children worked together to make the business the leading mattress company in the Upper Midwest. When his three sons retire from the company, the third generation began working. Edward Bronstien Jr. became the new president of what today is known as King Koil.


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