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King Koil Licensing Company, Inc.
Industry Bedding, Mattress
Founded 1898
Founder Samuel Bronstein
Headquarters st. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Products Mattresses

King Koil is a United States-based brand of mattresses and bedding with 40 factories in 80 countries. The company is based in Willowbrook, Illinois. King Koil mattresses are sold in various furniture/mattress stores around the United States.[1] King Koil mattresses are designed and developed in cooperation with the International Chiropractors Association.[2] King Koil mattresses are sold at retail using several brands including "World Luxury mattress", "iMattress", "Extended Life" and "Duck Dynasty".[3]


In St. Paul, Minnesota Samuel Bronstien founded the United States Bedding Company in 1898. Samuel, his wife and children worked together to make the business the leading mattress company in the Upper Midwest. When his three sons retire from the company, the third generation began working. Edward Bronstien Jr. became the new president of what today is known as King Koil.

On February 12, 2015, King Koil Licensing Company, Inc. (KKLC) was sold to Kaiserkorp Corporation of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [4] In April, 2015, Teck Hong Goh was named CEO, and Owen Shoemaker was appointed COO, reporting to Goh. [5] In June, 2016, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd’s (KPS) bought a 60% stake of KKLC, valuing the business at $47.5M USD.[6]

Products and customers[edit]

KKLC licenses manufacturing rights for its in-house brands to manufacturers and retailers around the world. KKLC operates has customers in over 80 countries. In June 2016, A.H. Beard, one of Australia's largest mattress producers with 17% market share, is the sole King Koil Licensee in Australia and New Zealand. A.H Beard sells King Koil queen sets for between $999 and 6,999.[7] KKLC has license relationships with Sleep International LLC (Tampa, Florida), and SilverRest Sleep Products (Los Angeles, California).[8][9]

Financial performance[edit]

KKLC operated with EBITDA margins of over 25% from 2010 to 2014, and paid out approximately 80% of profits as dividends. According to KPS, KKLC's annual profit in recent years has been between $1M and $1.2M USD.


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