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King Kong
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Slint
Members Ethan Buckler
Willie MacLean
Eric Baldwin
Amy Ritchie
Past members Ray Rizzo
Todd Hildreth
Suki Anderson
Amy Greenwood
Andy Hurt
Dave Pajo
Brad Wood
Britt Walford
John McEntire
Brian McMahan

King Kong, a rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, formed in early 1989 by Ethan Buckler, the original bassist in the band Slint. The band's first single, "Movie Star", features the entire Slint line-up, sometimes swapping instruments.

King Kong's core line-up for many years was the trio of Buckler on guitar and vocals, Willie McClean (bass), and Ray Rizzo (drums). Over the course of its existence King Kong has been joined by Todd Hildreth (keys), Suki Anderson (additional vocals), Amy Greenwood (additional vocals), Andy Hurt (percussion), and Dave Pajo (drums). There are many others too numerous to list, e.g., Rich Schuler (drums), Brian Hubbard (bass).

Their sound is a blend of rock n' roll, funk, and a lot of other elements found in music topped off by often humorous and indifferent lyrics.

After a four-year hiatus King Kong returned with "The Big Bang", another in a long line of concept albums. This one was concerned with space travel although an underlying theme of sexual intercourse could be deduced.

Drag City released "Buncha Beans" in March 2007.

King Kong's first music video, "60s Apartment Building Balcony," was released on YouTube on December 1, 2014. The director, Mary Yates, posted a comment to the video saying "stay tuned for more new videos by Ethan Buckler and King Kong." King Kong released their second music video on September 18, 2015, "Pawnshopolis."


  • Movie Star EP (1989, Self-released) (Features most of the members of Slint)
  • Bring It On 7" (1990, Trash Flow Records)
  • Old Man on The Bridge (1991, Homestead Records)
  • Funny Farm (1993, Drag City Records)
  • Hot Dog Days 7" (1994, Drag City)
  • Me Hungry (1995, Drag City)
  • Kingdom of Kong (1997, Drag City)
  • Breeding Ground (2001, Sea Note) (Compilation Release)
  • The Big Bang (2002, Drag City)
  • Buncha Beans (2007, Drag City)

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