King Oscar Fjord

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King Oscar Fjord
Greenland, Blue iceberg (js)1.jpg
Ice floe near the shore in King Oscar Fjord
King Oscar Fjord is located in Greenland
King Oscar Fjord
King Oscar Fjord
Location within Greenland
Coordinates 72°22′N 24°00′W / 72.367°N 24.000°W / 72.367; -24.000Coordinates: 72°22′N 24°00′W / 72.367°N 24.000°W / 72.367; -24.000
Ocean/sea sources Greenland Sea
Basin countries Greenland
Max. length 110 km (68 mi)
Max. width 25 km (16 mi)

King Oscar Fjord (Danish: Kong Oscar Fjord) is a fjord in East Greenland, marking the northern border of the Scoresby Land Peninsula.

It was named by A.G. Nathorst on his 1899 expedition as Konung Oscars Fjord for Oscar II, King of Sweden from 1872–1907.


The Davy Sound (Danish: Davy Sund) becomes King Oscar Fjord after extending for about 20 km to the NW to the north of the Stauning Alps.[1] Kong Oscar Fjord is a major fjord, 10–25 km wide, bounded by Traill Island and Geographical Society Island. In the inner and northern end of the fjord lies Ella Island. Lyell Land and the Stauning Alps lie to the southwest.[2]

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