King Plow/Railroad Historic District

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The King Plow/Railroad Historic District is a proposed historic district in Midtown West, Atlanta, Georgia. Creation of the district was approved at the state level in 2001 but it has not yet received national certification.[1]

The district would consist of:

  • King Plow Arts Center
  • Midtown West district,[2] a mixed-use complex on 17 acres bounded by Howell Mill, Marietta, Brady and 10th. It consists of 16 historic buildings housing retail, restaurants, galleries and offices. Includes "The Brickworks" complex.[3]
  • the site of the Miller Union Stockyards[4]
  • Westside Provisions district, consisting of:
    • White Provisions, a former meatpacking plant
    • Westside Urban Market, on the site of the United Butchers Abbatoir (slaughterhouse)


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