King Sejong Station

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King Sejong Station
Location of King Sejong Station in Antarctica
Location of King Sejong Station in Antarctica
King Sejong Station
Location of King Sejong Station in Antarctica
Coordinates: 62°13′22″S 58°47′18″W / 62.222803°S 58.788256°W / -62.222803; -58.788256Coordinates: 62°13′22″S 58°47′18″W / 62.222803°S 58.788256°W / -62.222803; -58.788256
Country South Korea
Location in AntarcticaBarton Peninsula
King George Island
Administered byKorea Polar Research Institute
Established17 February 1988 (1988-02-17)
Named forKing Sejong the Great of Joseon
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total
  • Summer: 90
  • Winter: 17
TypeAll-year round
WebsiteKorea Polar Research Institute
King Sejong Station
Revised RomanizationSejong Gwahak Giji[1]
McCune–ReischauerSejong Kwahak Kiji

The King Sejong Station is a research station for the Korea Antarctic Research Program that is named after King Sejong the Great of Joseon (1397–1450).

Established on February 17, 1988, it consists of 11 facility buildings and two observatories, and it is located on the Barton Peninsula (King George Island), it is currently overseen by station chief scientist In-Young Ahn.[2][3] It experiences a fairly mild climate, and therefore draws a large number of animals for summer breeding (which, unsurprisingly, draw a lot of biologists).

In the summer, the station supports up to 90 people from the Korea Polar Research Institute, and guest scientists from other institutions as well. Over winter, it accommodates only 17 engineers and scientists who maintain the station and routinely collect data (meteorological records, oceanographical parameters, etc.), but their main focus is on tracking the general change of the natural environment. Researchers from Korea continually collaborate with various other institutes in Antarctica and the rest of the world by participating in, monitoring, and contributing to the World Meteorological Organization, the Global Sea-level Observing System, the International Seismological Center, and the Intermagnet Project.

The station is usually re-supplied yearly by the RV Onnuri and more frequently by planes flying from Jubany in Argentina and the Chilean Eduardo Frei Base.[4]

The RV Araon was commissioned in 2009, and she supplies South Korea's research stations, including the Jang Bogo Station.[5]


The primary research that is conducted at the King Sejong Station:[6]

In popular culture[edit]

The station is used as a basis for the major tournament map King Sejong Station LE in the game of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, a game that is popular amongst South Koreans.[7]

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