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King of Donair - Canada's Original since 1973

King of Donair (KOD) is a restaurant that was established in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1973 and is the original creator of the Donair. The brand has a cult like following that is enjoyed amongst all ages.  KOD has a rich history, which has been featured by the likes of National Geographic, the Food Network, the Travel Channel and Vice; all of whom pay homage to their creation.  Celebrity chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Dominque Crenn and Matty Matheson have all chosen King of Donair as their Donair of choice when it comes to filming, documenting and indulging. KOD has also been prominently featured in episodes of the hit TV series Trailer Park Boys, in which the character Randy (played by Patrick Roach) frequently visits for donairs, such as the episode "A Man's Gotta Eat", where he prostitutes himself in front of a store for coupons.

In addition to the Donair, KOD is also known for their pizza, garlic fingers and other Donair offerings such as - Donair egg rolls, Donair plates and Donair pizza.


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