King of the Channel (swimming)

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The King of The Channel title is bestowed on the man who has successfully completed more swims of the English Channel than any other. The title as well the accompanied Letona Trophy is awarded by the Channel Swimming Association.[1] The title is currently held by Kevin Murphy who has completed 34 swims between the years of 1968 and 2006. Chloë McCardel, with 44 crossings, has the designation as Queen of the Channel.

List of Kings of the Channel[edit]

Swimmer[2] Number of Crossings Years Held Title
United Kingdom Matthew Webb 1 1875-1934
United Kingdom Edward Temme 2 1934-1951
United Kingdom William Barnie 3 1951-1960
Bangladesh Brojen Das 4-6 1960-1974
United Kingdom Melvyn Sharp 7 1974-1975
Australia Desmond Renford 8-16 1975-1979
United Kingdom Michael Read 17-18 1979-1980
Australia Desmond Renford 19 1980
United Kingdom Michael Read 20-31 1980-2000
United Kingdom Kevin Murphy 32 2000-2004
United Kingdom Michael Read 33 2004-2006
United Kingdom Kevin Murphy 34 2006-


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