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Kingcome Inlet is one of the lesser principal fjords of the British Columbia Coast, north and east of Broughton Island.[1] It is sixth in sequence of the major saltwater fjords north from the 49th parallel north near Vancouver and similar in width (2.5 km avg) to longer inlets such as Knight Inlet and Bute Inlet, but it is only 35 km in length from the mouth of the Kingcome River to Sutlej Channel, which ultimately connects around Broughton Island to the main regional waterway of the Queen Charlotte Strait. Kingcome Inlet has a short side inlet, Wakeman Sound, fed by the Wakeman River.

The Kwakwaka'wakw community and former cannery town of Kingcome is located a few miles up the Kingcome River, while the community of Kingcome Inlet is on the west bank of the mouth of the Kingcome River.[2]

Name origin[edit]

Kingcome Inlet was named for Captain John Kingcome of the troopship HMS Simoom, later knighted, who was Rear Admiral in charge of the Pacific Station of the Royal Navy from 1863 to 1864 and whose flagship was HMS Sutlej.

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Coordinates: 50°55′47″N 126°27′25″W / 50.92972°N 126.45694°W / 50.92972; -126.45694 (Kingcome Inlet (inlet))