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Born 1975 (age 39–40)
Sapporo, Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active 2001–

Kingdom is a Japanese adult video (AV) director who was born in Sapporo, Japan in 1975.[1] According to his official website (last updated September 2007), he had directed more than 400 videos while specializing in the "slut woman" (痴女 chijo?) and "semen" (ザーメン zāmen?) genres of Japanese porn.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Kingdom started as a director at Waap Entertainment along with Alala Kurosawa, [Jo]Style and K*WEST.[3][4] His first production for Waap was at least as early as April 2001[5] and he went on to make more than 30 videos for Waap.[6] Later in his career he worked extensively for one of the Japanese adult video industry's largest studios, Moodyz, and when the S1 No. 1 Style studio was launched in November 2004, Kingdom was one of their inaugural directors along with Hideto Aki, [Jo]Style, and Yuji Sakamoto.[7][8]

Kingdom received the award for Best Director at the 2004 Moodyz Awards as well as Special Title Awards for two of his 2004 videos for Moodyz, Life in Prison for Sexual Woman and Sexual Jail House.[9] At the 2005 Moodyz Awards, his video A Queendom of Eros, a large-budget costume drama to celebrate Moodyz' fifth anniversary, won the Moodyz Award.[10]

Kingdom was one of 11 directors invited to compete in the 2006 Dogma D-1 Climax Awards. His entry, Horny Bitches Who Like To Drain Sperm In Pussy And Ass, starring Mizuki Hana and Sara Minami, was released by Dogma with the production code D1-208.[11][12] He was also one of the 14 competing directors at the 2007 D-1 Climax Awards where he entered the video Beautiful Horny Slut, Candy And Whip (Dogma D1-311), a Femdom work starring Yuna Takizawa.[13][14]

In 2009 and 2010, Kingdom directed videos for the Crystal-Eizou company.[7]


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