Kingdom Yuen

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Kingdom Yuen
Chinese name 苑瓊丹 (traditional)
Chinese name 苑琼丹 (simplified)
Pinyin Yuān Qióngdān (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jyun1 king4 daan1 (Cantonese)
Birth name Yuen Lai King (苑麗瓊)
Born (1962-09-11) 11 September 1962 (age 54)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Noel Wong (m. 2004)

Kingdom Yuen (born 11 September 1962), also known as Yuen King-dan (苑瓊丹), is a Hong Kong actress with a long history working with TVB;[1] she recently left TVB to focus on China-based dramas.

Life and career[edit]

Kingdom was born in Hong Kong and started her acting career with HK ATV. She worked with ATV during the mid 80s and left around 1995 to join rival station TVB. In between her TV career, Kingdom has been featured in many HK movies, including several with Stephen Chow's earlier films ("Forbidden City Cop", "God of Cookery", and "Hail the Judge"). Kingdom has a long history with comedy and she has heavily played comedic roles in most of her career. However, she doesn't wish to be typecast into comedic roles and strives to diversify herself in other roles. In 2004, she married her boyfriend, Huang Naiyang. After nearly 17 years with TVB, Kingdom decided to leave the station in 2012 and started filming dramas in mainland China. No longer tied to TVB, Kingdom was able to express her disapproval of TVB's rough treatment of their actors.[2] While she continues filming new dramas in China, she still comes back to HK to film movies.


Year Title Role Network Notes
2016 My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan So Yau-Miu TVB Jade
Mad Monk Ji Gong
Insomnia Love
The Ghost House
Perfect Imperfection
2015 Lost in Hong Kong
Fighting Youth
Scary Road is Fun
An Inspector Calls
King of Mahjong
2014 Who Moved My Dream
Palace 3: The Lost Daughter Mother Tan
Just Another Margin
The Cabin Crew
Black Comedy
2012 King Maker Gong Shuk Wong Hou
2011 My Sassy Wife Xu Xiao Mei Liu Yue E TVB Jade
2010 Twilight Investigation Law Lai-la TVB Jade
Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law Ma Linglong Shenzhen TV
When Lanes Merge Chan Siu-fan TVB Jade Nominated - TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 15)
Cupid Stupid Chi Kam-giu TVB Jade
2009 The Beauty of the Game Cheung Lai-hong TVB Jade
2008 Speech of Silence Leung Lai-yu TVB Jade
2007 The Building Blocks of Life Chung Kwok-mei TVB Jade
The Green Grass of Home Chu Lai-ngoh TVB Jade
2007-2008 Best Selling Secrets Hung Sum TVB Jade
2007 The Price of Greed Lo Sei-leung TVB Jade
The White Flame Koo Mei-lan TVB Jade
2006 Welcome to the House Ko Lai TVB Jade Nominated - TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 5)
At Point Blank Ching Hiu-nam TVB Jade
2005 Women on the Run Lee Chan-chan TVB Jade
2003 Virtues of Harmony II Kam Sa-sa TVB Jade
2002 Let's Face It Liu Tam Ai-ching TVB Jade
2001 Virtues of Harmony I Princess Sa-sa TVB Jade
Gods of Honour Yan Sap-neung TVB Jade TVB Anniversary Award for Favourite Female Character
Seven Sisters Chow Fun TVB Jade
2000 War of the Genders Mui Yat-sin TVB Jade
1999 Game of Deceit Kau Kan-e TVB Jade
A Loving Spirit Cheung Nun-sin TVB Jade
Detective Investigation Files IV Chow Han-e TVB Jade
1998 Moments of Endearment Chung Chi-mei TVB Jade
Journey to the West II The Crow TVB Jade
Old Time Buddy - To Catch a Thief Ng Yan-lai TVB Jade
1995 A Kindred Spirit Yu King TVB Jade
Vampire Expert ATV Home
1994 A Chinese Torture Chamber Story
1992 Flame ATV Home
Casanova in China ATV Home
Mythical Crane and Magical Needle ATV Home
1991 The Perfect Match
1990 The Blood Sword ATV Home
Cousin Q ATV Home
1988 The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty 2 ATV Home
1987 Below the Lion Rock 1987 RTHK
1984 Wan Hoi Yuk Gong Yuen ATV Home

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