Kingdom of Balkhara

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Balhara according to Acad. Suren T. Eremian's reconstruction of the original map of Central Asia from the Armenian geographical atlas 'Ashharatsuyts'

Kingdom of Balkhara is the subject of a fringe theory[1] on the originating homeland of the Bulgar people. It is popularised by some Bulgarian historians (for example: Georgi Bakalov, Petar Dobrev, Ian Mladjov) to have been the earliest known state[2][unreliable source?][3][unreliable source?] of the Bulgars, situated in the upper course of Oxus River (present Amu Darya), and the foothills and valleys of Hindu Kush and Pamir Mountains (ancient Mount Imeon).[4][unreliable source?] Peter Dobrev places the date of the kingdom around the 12th century BC.[5][page needed]

The theory is based on the presumed relationship between the Bactria–Margiana Archaeological Complex and the Bulgars.

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