Kingdom of Iha

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The Kingdom of Iha was an Islamic kingdom located in Saparua island, Maluku. Around the Dutch colonial period, there are exist two well-known kingdoms in Saparua Island, Iha and Honimoa (Siri Sori Islam). Both are quite influential Islamic empire was known as sapanolua. This means two boat or two boats. It means Saparua island has two large peninsula thereon ruling two kings with a vast land. While the southeast peninsula controlled by the King of Honimoa with his kingdom (Kingdom of Honomia/ Siri Sori), the north peninsula is the regional power of the Kingdom of Iha. The Kingdom of Iha involved in a series of struggle against the Dutch colonization in Maluku that later profound as Iha War (1632-1651)[1] which resulted in a loss of some areas of this kingdom as well as its citizens that impact to later deterioration.