Kingdom of Noise

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Kingdom of Noise
Man Kingdom Of Noise.jpg
Studio album by Man
Released June 9, 2009 (June 9, 2009)
Genre Psychedelic rock, Progressive rock
Length 41:31
Label United States Of Distribution LTD.
Producer Man
Man chronology
Diamonds and Coal
(2006)Diamonds and Coal2006
Kingdom of Noise
Reanimated Memories
(2015)Reanimated Memories2015

Kingdom of Noise is a studio album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band Man and was released 9 June 2009.

This is the second of studio releases not to feature any of the original members and the first to feature drummer Rene Robrahn.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Shadow of the Hand" (Ace) – 5:53
  2. "Steal the World" (Ace, Josh Ace) – 4:18
  3. "Iceflowers" (Ace, Engel) – 4:46
  4. "Russian Roulette" (Ace, Engel) – 7:04
  5. "Kingdom of Noise" (Ace, Josh Ace) – 3:52
  6. "Standing in the Rain" (Ace) – 4:47
  7. "Speak" (Ace, Josh Ace) – 3:55
  8. "Chuffin' Like a Muffin" (Ace, Engel) – 4:43
  9. "Dissolve into Despair" (Ace, Josh Ace) – 4:13



Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars [1]
DPRP(4/10) [2]

AllMusic said although Kingdom of Noise had a different sound from previous albums, the album could become of their favourite albums by Man.[1] On the other hand, DPRP felt that past albums by Man were better than Kingdom of Noise.[2]


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