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Key of Heaven
Key of Heaven 256x439.jpg
Developer(s) Climax Entertainment
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: July 21, 2005
  • NA: November 15, 2005
  • EU: March 24, 2006
  • AU: March 30, 2006
Genre(s) Action role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player

Kingdom of Paradise is an Action role-playing game video game available for the PlayStation Portable handheld system. The game is called Tenchi no Mon in Japan and Key of Heaven in Europe. It was released in North America in December 2005 and in Europe in March 2006. On April 24, 2008 it was released as a downloadable title from the North American PlayStation Store.[1] A prequel is available in Japan, Korea, and China called Tenchi no Mon 2: Busouden.

Heavily influenced by Asian culture in general, and Chinese Wuxia fantasy in particular, the game contains clans named after the Ssu Ling. The fifth clan is named after Kirin and is not part of the group.


The story of this game takes place in an almost feudal China, which is simulated through the fictitious world of Ouka. The continent of Ouka is separated into five divisions; Northern (Genbu), Eastern (Seiryu), Southern (Suzaku) Western (Byakko) and Central (Kirin). Each of the five divisions has a Clan Lord, clan disciples, a particular style of Chi and sword fighting and a sacred sword. It is later revealed that each sword – except the Kirin Sacred Sword – controls one of the Four Gods of Ouka. There is also reference to the continent of Seima, which is said to be somewhere over the sea to the west of Ouka. Nobody who has ever tried to find Seima has returned. Three hundred years previously there is said to have been the Seima-Ouka war, in which the Clan Lords of Ouka prevailed. However, nobody was alive three hundred years ago to recount the mysterious events of the war – except the Kirin Lord Gikyo and the Seiman twins, Lu Yan and Li Yin (who are over three hundred years old but look deceptively young in the game because they "are able to sustain [them]selves on the chi of the yin and yang moons" as told by Gikyo. Their very names are references to yin and yang – Lu Yan representing the righteous Yang while Li Yin is the mischievous Yin side). The Forbidden Poem, written by Lu Yan and Li Yin, speaks of the war, reading:

Five great gates of Ouka be,

Name them here for all to see;
Seiryu, Byakko and Genbu
Kirin and Suzaku be there too;
At Heaven’s gate twin keys you need;
At Earth’s gates, bows the Divine Steed;
The soul is born as the Yang moon whirls
The body is born as the Yin moon twirls
The twin moons make a mighty hum
From the watery moon, it doth come.

The main character, Shinbu, has been exiled from his clan, the Seiryu, after looking at the Ancient Monument, which holds the secrets of the Seiryu Chi Arts. The surviving disciple named Sui Lin tracks down Shinbu to tell him that their clan was destroyed, and they're the only two survivors. They also later discover that their sacred sword has been stolen (as, later on, the other three clans'.) On a quest to find out who destroyed their clan, Shinbu and Sui Lin go to warn the three other clans that the ruling Kirin clan is rising in power and plans to steal each clan's sacred sword, each containing unimaginable power, to overthrow them all.

A note of dynasty here, every sixteen years, the clans' power change hands. Last time it was the Suzaku rule, so the ruling clan is the Kirin. As with the complementary cycle, the rule of clans goes in the said cycle.


Gameplay is based around a system called Bugei scrolls. Each Bugei scroll uses Kenpu tiles to make a series of martial arts maneuvers (Up to a limit of 10 by using a Freestyle Bugei). Players collect Bugei and Kenpu as they progress through the game; Bugei is mostly found in cinematic sequences, while Kenpu is won from battles and hidden in pots, chests, and other breakable objects.

Shinbu also uses a form of magic called Chi Arts which the player learns from a sacred stone in each clans' temple, and uses it in battle. The player holds down the square button to charge chi and presses it again to use it, usually causing large amounts of damage. As the player's chi arts become stronger, they can eventually wipe out most enemies in 1 or 2 hits.

Players gain levels (up to level 20) by defeating enemies. Upon gaining a level, the player's Mind, Technique, and Body attributes raise depending on how the player fought battles prior to each level up. For example, if a player uses nothing but Chi Arts, his Mind attribute will raise more than the other two (Up to a total of 200).

Throughout the game, players also collect various accessories that they can equip to increase their attributes. In addition to this, players can purchase other swords, which may or may not do more damage than Shinbu's Ginmei Sword, or they can upgrade the Ginmei sword by taking it to a blacksmith. However, certain enemies, as emphasized all over Ouka, can only be hurt by the Ginmei Sword, such as clan gods along with other enemies.


For more information on Elements and Clans, see Five Elements (Chinese Philosophy)

Chi arts are magic powers that Shinbu acquires as he progresses through the story. The Chi Arts system is a complementary and rival system. The rival system is formed as a star while the complementary is formed into a circle. Shinbu can also use Chi Arts when he buys a Level 1 chi art charm. The Chi Arts system is used to defeat certain enemies very quickly. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Wood defeats earth, but weak against metal. Fire is strong against metal, but weak against water. Earth triumphs over water but cowers wood. Metal defeats wood, but is poorly fared against fire. Water is strong against fire, but will be weak against earth. The complementary system is only used in bugei scrolls. It must go in a clockwise circle or it is not a cycle. Complementary elements can also charge an attack, making the final attack in the combo the most devastating finisher.



This is the origin of the protagonists, Shinbu and Sui Lin. The Seiryu is a wood based clan with fertile land, rich fields and farmland. The port city is Ryuga and the shopping city is Chikuan. Sourin Valley, Joyo Mountains, and the highlands are famous landmarks that can be found here. The clan lord was Lord Kobo, who had died. Densei, the traitor, hailed from the Seiryu clan. The Seiryu specialize in surprise attacks. The style is the Zangeki Cut. One of the legendary San'Yuan Warriors, Professor Seidatsu, runs a school here. Seiryu's sacred sword is the Dragon King Sword which was named after Bakuja the Dragon King. The clan was wiped out by the Kirin clan in order to steal their sacred sword.


This clan is a water based fishing society. Hokusai, both a shopping and port city based on the Kuromizu River ("Kuromizu" translates to "Black Water") is a boat city. The main temple is situated in the center of the city. Mt. Myokendai, Mt. Goko, and the Serpent Waterfalls are their Oukan landmarks. Also, Gekkei Lake is a very mysterious lake. It houses the Twin Moon palace/Twin Arcane Gates, where the twins, Lu Yan and Li Yin, live. Lord Genmei was the lord before he was killed by the traitor Genra. Eigen (real name: Eikoku) was an apprentice to lord Genmei before the murder forced him to become the lord. The Genbu specialize in stabbing attacks, known as the Shitotsu Thrust.


This is the most advanced clan of all. The geography is basically mountainous terrain. Hakuzen is a shopping city where the temple is located. Ryousou is a port, near the rugged Suzaku-Byakko Highway. The Archer's Shore and the Forbidden Wall of Byakko are famous landmarks in the very advanced society. Lord Jok Xiu is favored by many disciples and would risk their life for her. Ginritsu may be the traitor. It is unknown, because she is one of the Kirin's Divine General from Byakko, but Genra reveals that she slipped information to Jok Xiu. They are a metal and mining based society. They make Taichi, the currency of Ouka, and hold Seima relics, including the Toshintetsu. They specialize in metal/acid attacks and hard, powerful strikes with a strong mix of fist and foot striking. This style is called the Koda Strike.


This clan is composed only of women. The region boasts a supply of Sulphur Chi, whice gives some of its soil a reddish color. Jurakunan is the shopping city and where the main temple is. The name "Jurakunan" came from a dead city "Juraku." The port and shopping area is Rakuhoku. Lord Xiuk Yu is the clan lord (though technically a false lord), and Yui Min is her apprentice and successor. Lei Gai is a San'yuan warrior from Suzaku. She has a brother named Kairoku. Yen Lan is the traitor because of her Seima blood and discrimination against Seima in the post-Great Seima-Ouka War. They specialize on quick, dance-like fire movements. Because of their dance moves, their swordstyle is called the Senbu Dance.


This clan is isolated and the protector of Banko, the final boss. The island is a desolate desert. The only way to get to the main temple is to go to the Genshin port in Gensei Island. There, Shinbu has to use all five chi in the famous landmark "Five Chi Enclosure" arts to access the main temple. No one (other than the Four Generals) has gotten in before because they could not open the last lock, the Genbu enclosure with the Kirin chi art. Lord Gikyo is the main antagonist and clan lord. He seems to be after immortality and to return to Seima. Most of his minions are made from dust from a forbidden Kirin technique. They specialize in earth attacks and their swordsmanship is almost on par with the San'yuan, being based on all styles and chi added attacks. This is known as the Chi-Sword fighting.


This is an extinct clan, who almost died almost ten years ago. There seems to be only two "survivors", the Umu brothers. Gokuho Island is deserted. On one side of the island is a desert-like place with the abandoned Temple (the only accessible place.) On the other side of the island is a green, flourishing side. Both are abandoned. The island itself form a yin-yang symbol. It is later found that the members of the Gokuho faction practice a style called the "13th Hero Form".



  • Clan: Seiryu
  • Hometown: Chikuan
  • Age: 17
  • Sword: Ginmei Sword, also called the Sakugetsu Ken (New Moon Sword)
  • Technique: Zangeki Cut, Tenchijin Sanbanken (San'Yuan of Heaven, Earth and Humanity) and Jitsugetsusei Sansei-Sanbanken (Pure San'yuan of the Sun, Moon and Stars)

Shinbu was expelled by Lord Kobo for looking at the Ancient Monument when he was not ready. He earns his living by working as a bodyguard. His parents are dead, and he visits Myokendai. He helps Sui Lin near the starts of the game when she is being pursued by the warriors who killed the Seiryu clan. He roams all over Ouka to find ways to revive the Seiryu Clan, and ultimately find the sacred swords. Sui Lin seems to show romantic inclinations towards him.

Sui Lin[edit]

  • Clan: Seiryu
  • Hometown: ?
  • Age: 16
  • Sword: Zangeki Sword
  • Technique: Zangeki Cut
  • Voiced by: Mai Nakahara

Sui Lin was the only surviving clan member after the Kirin apparently attacked. She went to Chikuan to find Shinbu to tell him he may be the only clan lord left. She can be immature and childish, and a bit of a crybaby. She has been a victim of the Chi Disruption twice. She tried to steal the Suzaku sword and attacked Shinbu in Koukin Cave while under Chi Disruption. She killed Lord Jok Xiu while under the influence of Chi Disruption. Towards the end of the game it is revealed she has fallen in love with Shinbu. She manages to steal all the Sacred swords after being kidnapped along with the Seima Twins to help Shinbu complete his quest.


  • Clan: Seiryu
  • Hometown: Chikuan
  • Age: Possibly over 50
  • Sword: Ginmei Sword, also called the Sakugetsu Ken (New Moon Sword)
  • Technique: Zangeki Strike and San'yuan Law Form

He is Shinbu's father. He and his wife (also Shinbu's mother), Yo Len, were hiking to Myokendai when they were attacked by the Umu brothers. Hohaku desperately tried to defend Yo Len, but they killed her and captured him. He was sent to Gokuho Island Steeple and guarded under a chi-based barrier. Professor Seidatsu went to Myokendai to find Yo Len dead and the Ginmei Sword planted nearby. Hohaku was "crazy about bugei" and thus lead to him finding the San'yuan bugei scrolls. He has successfully revived the San'yuan, as Professor Seidatsu gives Shinbu a kenpu of the San'yuan that he finds.

Professor Seidatsu[edit]

  • Clan: Seiryu
  • Hometown: Chikuan
  • Age: above 60
  • Sword: Mumei Sword
  • Technique: San'yuan Way Form

Seidatsu took care of Shinbu from the time he was expelled. He runs a private school in Chikuan where he teaches children to read and write. He is the only person to know about the whereabouts of Shinbu's father. He gave Shinbu the Ginmei Sword. He goes to Hokusai to tutor Eigen because of inexperience. Later, he "voluntarily leaves" Chikuan with the Umu Brothers. He helps destroy the Umu brothers after freeing himself in Shinbu's sight. Surprisingly, he is a master of the sword.

Li Yin and Lu Yan[edit]

  • Clan: Twin Moon Clan
  • Hometown: front of the Gekkei Lake
  • Ages: over 300
  • Swords: Twin Moon Swords (Sakugetsu Ken/New Moon Sword and Bougetsu Ken/Full Moon Sword)
  • Technique: (Li Yin vs. Shinbu) Koda Strike, with Seiryu Chi Arts.

The real names are Liju Liu (Lu Yan) and Liju Lee (Li Yin). Li Yin and Lu Yan are ancient sisters that have lived long before the Great War, possibly when the five clan lords sealed Banko behind the portal in central Kirin. Lu Yan, the older (wiser and more mature) and more popular of the sisters was in love with Shinbu's father, Hohaku. When they were in love, Lu Yan gave Hohaku the Gimmei sword (one of the twin moon swords). Li Yin (younger and more sarcastic) seems less serious than her sister – she calls Lu Yan hard headed and kicks her out when Lu Yan argues with Shinbu. Li Yin battles Shinbu towards the beginning of the game because she thinks he is messing with her sister. They are the Kirin Gate Keys (their bodies), used by the Toshintetsu to open the portal to containing Banko. They also made the Forbidden Poem. They both die at the end, but their life forces bind Banko until Shinbu attacks.


  • Clan: Genbu
  • Hometown: Hokusai
  • Age: 15
  • Sword: Snake-tongued Shitotsu sword
  • Technique: Shitotsu Thrust

He was a fishboy before Lord Genmei had to choose him for his next successor and renamed him "Eigen". Eikoku went to the Seiryu to try to get a kenpu to stop Genra from taking the Sacred Sword of Genbu. When Genmei died, he became clan lord without a great deal of swordsmanship. He is introduced near the beginning. Because of his inexperience and lack of swordsmanship, Professor Seidatsu came to Hokusai in order to teach him sword techniques.

Jok Xiu[edit]

  • Clan: Byakko
  • Hometown: Hakuzen
  • Age: a little a younger than Sui Lin
  • Sword: Sacred Sword of Byakko
  • Technique: Koda Strike
  • Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino

Lord Jok Xiu is a popular lord in Hazuken because of her personality. Young and innocent as she may be, she holds a dark secret. She is easily angered, and when angered everyone fears her. The only people she opened up to were Soh Yu and Ginritsu. She acted on the orders of the Toshintetsu. Jok Xui seemed to know what the Kirin were doing. Once, she banished Shinbu after the foiled Suzaku invasion, leaving Densei to so his job. She used the Chi Disruption on Sui Lin to get the Suzaku Sacred Sword. However, that same technique backfired on her the second time as she was killed by Sui Lin, who was under the same spell. After that, the city of Hakuzen is closed to mourn and spite her death.

Soh Yu[edit]

  • Clan: Byakko
  • Hometown: Hakuzen
  • Age: mid 30s
  • Sword: Flat-Tipped Gold Sword
  • Technique: Koda Strike

He is the right-hand man to Lord Jok Xiu. Knowing about the Toshintetsu's secret, he kept his mouth shut until the Byakko invasion. He is a very wise man, though he still lives at home. He sacrifices himself to give his lord the wisdom she really needs.

Lei Gai[edit]

  • Clan: Suzaku
  • Hometown: Jurakunan
  • Age: 34
  • Sword: Katana-Style Mumei Sword
  • Technique: San'yuan Art Form

Not much is known about save for his intense discipline in the sword. (Wearing the eyepatch and many bandages.) We do know that he is Lord Xiuk Yu's husband. Shinbu met him after a Chi Disruption-influenced Sui Lin bombed Koukin Cave. During the beginning before parting ways, he told him "Don't mention my name and we'll call it even." He's famous for the training mantra "Ten days to master the club. 100 days to master the dagger. 1000 days to master the Axe. 10,000 days to master the sword." He also tests Shinbu's skills after the Suzaku Invasion.


  • Clan: Suzaku
  • Hometown: Jurakunan
  • Age: 20s
  • Sword: none
  • Technique: no technique

He is a scholar from Jurakunan. He traveled to Hokusai to learn about the world. He is the younger brother of Lord Xiuk Yu. Shinbu met him in Hokusai inquiring about a bugei he had, which turned out to be the First Freestyle Scroll. For a while, he taught the students at the private school in Chikuan before learning that Jurakunan was about to be attacked. He tried to protect Lord Xiuk Yu, but was easily beaten by Genra.

Lord Xiuk Yu[edit]

  • Clan: Suzaku
  • Hometown: Jurakunan
  • Age: Mid-late 20's – Early 30s
  • Sword: Sacred Sword of Suzaku
  • Technique: cannot fight (currently learning the Senbu dance)

She assumed role as a clan lord when the clan lord died without naming her successor. She is Lei Gai's wife but was with him for only one day before she had to become Suzaku clan lord. She hides her feelings from others and only ever spoke freely to her said successor, Yui Min. Though she wears clothing typical of females through the game, she also wears glasses. In the local Raichin Tavern, a group of men made a club to idolize her.

She is technically a false lord, as she did not know the Senbu dance when the Kirin attacked the Suzaku. After the attack, she undergoes training to become a legitimate clan lord. Besides Eigen, Xiuk Yu is the only Lord to survive the Kirin Attacks.

Yui Min[edit]

  • Clan: Suzaku
  • Hometown: Jurakunan
  • Age: 14
  • Sword: Senbu Sword
  • Technique: Senbu Dance

Yui Min acts like an adult when she tries to prevent Shinbu from going in, though she is still a child by heart. She was the only member of the Suzaku to be able to speak to Lord Xiuk Yu freely. She is in charge of protecting Lord Xiuk Yu. She fought Yen Lan on Shinbu's first visit to Suzaku, and was injured but Yen Lan seemed to be holding back against her. She is supposedly the successor to the Suzaku throne. She is the best and the youngest disciple in Lord Xiuk Yu's reign.


Lord Gikyo[edit]

  • Clan: Seima
  • Sword: Sacred Sword of Kirin
  • Technique: Unknown

His full name is Commander Taihan Gikyo. He and Liju Liu and Liju Lee came to Seima to oppose the twins' father. After the war, he lived for some time before having to use the Toshintetsu to live on human souls. Even he knew that he would have to go back to Seima at some time because the consumption of souls couldn't support a person for over 300 years. This is the reason why he revived Banko. He was also fond of Densei because he looked "like his son he left back in Seima." He ironically died in the hands of an irritated Densei.


  • Clan: Seiryu
  • Sword stolen: Sacred Sword of Seiryu (from Lord Kobo)
  • Technique: Zangeki Cut and Chi-sword fighting

Like Shinbu, he was expelled for looking at the Ancient Monument. He and Shinbu were alike in many ways. He went to the Kirin to seek power and unite Ouka under his rule. He went as far to kill Gikyo after reviving Banko. He killed Gikyo because he does not want to go to Seima, as he is a citizen of Ouka. He controlled Seiryu before fighting Shinbu. According to Gikyo, he looks like his son. True to his quote, he is a traitor but no liar. He dies after a two round battle (Seiryu (the god) then Densei) against Shinbu.


  • Clan: Genbu
  • Sword stolen: Sacred Sword of Byakko and Genbu
  • Technique: Shitotsu Thrust and Chi-Sword fighting

He decided to betray Genbu to pursue power, probably from a bribe from Gikyo. He wanted to go after the San'yuan to be the Ouka's most powerful swordsman. He went so low to hire the Umu brothers to help him find the San'yuan kenpu. He controlled Genbu during the Suzaku assault and Byakko in Kirin Temple. He fought Shinbu twice and lost twice. He died after witnessing the San'yuan.


  • Clan: Byakko
  • Sword: Custom made sword
  • Technique: Koda Strike

Ginritsu is the strategic coordinator of the Kirin armies, but it's later revealed that she was actually a spy for Lord Jok Xiu. She used to be the Byakko commander before Soh Yu. Only Lord Jok Xiu opened up to her. Genra was flirting with her before she died. In Byakko, it is forbidden to speak her name. She was killed, presumably by Genra.

Yen Lan[edit]

  • Clan: Suzaku
  • Sword stolen: Sacred Sword of Suzaku
  • Technique: Senbu Dance and Chi-sword fighting

She decided to go to Kirin because, like herself, Lord Gikyo is also from Seima. The offer of equality and peace between Seima and Ouka appealed to her. After Shinbu sees Yen Lan for the second time, she learned about Shinbu's Seima bloodline. She doesn't fight him after the foiled invasion. Yen Lan controlled Suzaku before destroying and stealing the Toshintetsu on a Byakko invasion. She didn't realize that the Seima twins' bodies were the keys to the Toshintetsu. Before she died, she opened the last Chi Gate in the Five Chi Gate Enclosure for Shinbu.

Uzo and Muzo[edit]

  • Clan: Mt. Gokuho
  • Swords: A zanbato and a Scimitar-like sword
  • Technique: 13th Hero Form

The two remaining members of Gokuho, they are greedy thugs who have managed to kill honest warriors. Genra hired them to help him find the San'yuan kenpu. They were said to be bounty hunters, but most people in the game said that they are more like thieves than bounty hunters. They killed Yo Len, captured Hohaku, abducted Seidatsu, and even attempted to make Lei Gai captive. The first two happened five years before the game begins. Uzo is the older, shorter and wiser of the brother, who carries a dagger. Muzo is a moron with a dumb man's voice, who carries a Zanbato. Shinbu fights them thrice in the game. On the third time, he kills them to avenge his mother's death.


The San'Yuan is considered the strongest bugei in the game. Despite this, it is actually weak and extremely unreliable. Upon a player's second playthrough, Shinbu has access to the "Pure" San 'Yuan. This version of the San 'Yuan is the most powerful bugei scroll in the game and is a fluid combination attack of all styles found in the game and ends in a non-lethal explosion that knocks all surrounding enemies off of their feet.


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