Kingdom of Poland (1385–1569)

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Kingdom of Poland
Królestwo Polskie (pl)
Regnum Poloniae (la)

Royal Banner Royal Coat of arms
Nic o nas bez nas
"Nothing about us without us"
Gaude Mater Polonia[1]
"Rejoice, oh Mother Poland"
The Kingdom of Poland between 1386 & 1434.[2]
Capital Kraków
Languages Polish, Latin
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Hereditary Monarchy
 -  1385–1389 Jadwiga (first)
 -  1548–1569 Sigismund II (last)
Legislature Sejmik
 -  Privy Council Senate
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Union of Krewo 14 August 1385
 -  Statute adopted 3 May 1505
 -  Union with Lithuania 1 July 1569
Currency Polish Złoty

The Kingdom of Poland (Polish: Królestwo Polskie; Latin: Regnum Poloniae), was the Polish state created by the Union of Krewo, uniting Poland and Lithuania under the rule of a single monarch. Later, elected monarchs of both states happened to be the same persons, or members of the same royal family. The union was transformed to a closer one by the Union of Lublin in 1569, which was shortly followed by the end of the Jagiellon dynasty that had ruled Poland for two centuries.

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