Kingdom of Sanwi

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Kingdom of Sanwi
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Kingdom of Sanwi (flag)
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Pre-European kingdoms
Regions with significant populations
Krindjabo, Africa
Anyi language

European Delegation of Sanwi Kingdom

Kingdom of Sanwi is a traditional kingdom located in the south-east corner of the Republic of Ivory Coast in West Africa. It was established in about 1740 by Anyi migrants from Ghana. In 1843 the kingdom became a protectorate of France. In 1959 it was merged with Ivory Coast and at that time the tribal population was estimated to be around 40,000 people in 119 settlements.[1]


The original core of this people is in Ghana where conflicts between Opokou Warreh (Ashanti) and them (Agni) created the reason for a departure to the Ivory Coast.

Amalaman Anoh, first king of the Kingdom of Sanwi[citation needed], lead the Agni in settling in Diby in the Aboisso region. A leadership war then broke out between the Agni and the Agoua, the first occupants of the site. After their victory, the Agni settled in the region of Ciman [citation needed] a valley crowned by hills. So that in time of war, the enemy can not access the new site. But always in search of new lands, Aka Essoin, the henchman of King Amalaman Anoh[citation needed] notable and powerful, responsible for the expansion of the kingdom, hand in conquering new lands more suitable. It is in this quest Aka Essoin discovered a large tree, a cherry[citation needed]: the Krindjabo behind the Bia River. So that to reach the site, it must first cross the Bia, swimming. Knowing safe from possible attacks of the enemy, the Agni people Ciman left the area and settled under the tree or Krindja "Krindjabo" Agni language. And, thanks to Aka Essoin which has mystical powers to turn into ferocious animal[dubious ], especially the elephant. Krindjabo, the capital of the kingdom Sanwi is well founded, before the arrival of the white man. Only it is good to know that the great city of Aboisso is the birthplace of the oldest[citation needed] kingdom and most powerful in the history of Côte d'Ivoire[dubious ]: Sanwi.

The first mission across the country Agnis involves 2 travel (mission Treich Laplène (1887-1889)[citation needed] which resulted in treaties with Sanwi to Krindjabo (Aboisso) with Bettie and Indénié (Abengourou). in the North, the treaties were signed with the kingdoms of Bondoukou Kong in 1888[citation needed] and Dabakala with Binger in 1889[citation needed].


The kingdom received much attention after declaring American singer Michael Jackson to be a prince of the Sanwi in 1992.[2] Reciprocal visits by Michael Jackson and Amon N'Douffou IV were made to Krinjabo and Los Angeles respectively. After Jackson's death in 2009 (an elaborate two-day funeral was held), Jesse Jackson (no relation) was declared Prince in August of that year when he was crowned Prince Nana by Amon N'Douffou V, King of Krindjabo.[3]

Prince Michael Jackson I, the eldest child of Michael Jackson was inaugurated via webcast as Prince Mikaeel Amalaman Anoh II Of the Ivory Coast Kingdom Krindjabo & Agni Empire on February 16, 2013.[citation needed] He was sworn in as the new health and well-being advisor and the new peace, youth and cultural ambassador of the Agni Empire by King Amon N'Douffou IV - Prince Mikaeel II Of Krindjabo,King Sani II of Sanwi, Senegal, Africa.

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