Ari Peltonen

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Ari Peltonen
Born Ari Pekka Peltonen
(1967-04-07) 7 April 1967 (age 48)
Hyvinkää, Finland
Other names Paska, Jeesus, Jorma, Johnny-Blue
Occupation author, musician, radio reporter

Ari Pekka "Paska" Peltonen (born 7 April 1967, in Hyvinkää) is a Finnish radio reporter, author and musician.

Since 1985, Peltonen has given musical performances under the name of Paska ("shit" in Finnish), his one-man-band. Peltonen has also used the pseudonyms Jeesus, Jorma and Johnny-Blue, usually as opening acts for Paska. He has also had other musical projects, such as "Maailman isomunaisin mies" ("The guy with the world's biggest dick" in Finnish).

In the early 1990s Peltonen had his own radio show ANSSI! in the Radiomafia channel of Finland's national broadcasting company Yle. The show was discontinued, first temporarily and finally permanently. Nowadays Peltonen has two shows in Radio Helsinki: Paskalista and Hello Helsinki. In Paskalista ("Shitlist"), Peltonen plays songs usually considered bad. Peltonen has also written several books, inclucing Pallinaama ("Ballface"), in which he insults his former boss in Yle.

In 26 August 2006 Peltonen formed a micronation called Valtio in the territory of the municipality of Posio. Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and radio station Radio Helsinki regularly reported about the situation of Valtio.

In the spring of 2008 Peltonen hosts the travel program Paskareissu, in which he visits many Finnish cities with bad reputations and tries to find positive things about them.

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