Kingdom of Vientiane

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Kingdom of Vientiane
Capital Vientiane
Languages Lao
Religion Buddhism
Government Monarchy
 •  Lan Xang divided 1707
 •  Kingdom annexed by Siam 1828
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Lan Xang
Rattanakosin Kingdom
Today part of  Laos

Kingdom of Vientiane was formed in 1707 as a result of the split of the Kingdom of Lan Xang. The kingdom was a Burmese vassal from 1765 to 1778.[1] It then became a Siamese vassal until 1828 when it was annexed by Siam.



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The Emerald Buddha, the current palladium of Thailand and former palladium of the Kingdom of Vientiane. The Emerald Buddha was regarded as the most sacred and culturally significant Buddha image of the Lao monarchy. The image originated in the Kingdom of Lan Na and was brought to the Kingdom of Lan Xang by King Setthathirath in the 16th century, it was taken to Bangkok in the 19th century after the failed rebellion of King Anouvong of Vientiane.