Kingdown and Middledown

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Kingdown and Middledown
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Mendip wall (geograph 1884820).jpg
Kingdown and Middledown is located in Somerset
Kingdown and Middledown
Location within Somerset
Area of Search Somerset
Grid reference ST480532
Coordinates 51°16′32″N 2°44′49″W / 51.27556°N 2.74685°W / 51.27556; -2.74685Coordinates: 51°16′32″N 2°44′49″W / 51.27556°N 2.74685°W / 51.27556; -2.74685
Interest Biological
Area 5.7 hectares (0.057 km2; 0.022 sq mi)
Notification 1991 (1991)
Natural England website

Kingdown and Middledown (grid reference ST480532) is a 5.7 hectare (14.1 acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest near Cheddar in the Mendip Hills, Somerset, notified in 1991.

This site, which is in two parts, is situated on the plateau of the Mendip Hills and supports populations of two nationally rare plant species. Kingdown is at the end of a dry valley where Carboniferous Limestone outcrops as a small cliff, opposite which is a small disused limestone quarry. Covering some of the rock outcrops are clumps of Cheddar Pink (Dianthus gratianopolitanus), which is a nationally rare species. The nationally scarce species Soft-leaved Sedge (Carex montana) and Cheddar Bedstraw (Galium fleurotii) are also found here.[1]


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