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Norges Kongesagaer Edited by Gustav Storm and Alexander Bugge Illustrated by Gerhard Munthe (1914)

Kings' sagas (Icelandic: konungasögur, Nynorsk: kongesoger, -sogor, Bokmål: kongesagaer) are Old Norse sagas which principally tell of the lives of semi-legendary and legendary (mythological, fictional) Nordic kings, also known as saga kings. They were composed during the twelfth through the fourteenth centuries, primarily in Iceland, but with some written in Norway.[1][2][3]

Kings' sagas frequently contain episodic stories known in scholarship as þættir, such as the Íslendingaþættir (about Icelanders), Styrbjarnar þáttr Svíakappa, Hróa þáttr heimska, and Eymundar þáttr hrings (about people from elsewhere).

List of Kings' sagas[edit]

Including works in Latin, and in approximate order of composition (though many dates could be off by decades)

Sometimes counted among the Kings' sagas[edit]

Editions and translations[edit]

In Norwegian

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  • Munch, Peter Andreas; Þórðarson, Sturla Norges Konge-Sagaer Fra De Aeldste Tider Indtil Anden Halvdeel Af De 13 De Århundrede Efter Christi Fødsel (Nabu Press. 2010 ) ISBN 978-1142083908


Other sources[edit]

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