Kings Canyon Unified School District

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Kings Canyon Unified School District
Headquarters Reedley, CA
Area served
Serving the Communities of Reedley, Orange Cove, Dunlap and surrounding areas

Kings Canyon Unified School District comprises mainly Reedley, California area schools, but also those for the town of Orange Cove and the mountain areas (Dunlap, Miramonte, Squaw Valley, Wonder Valley). All of these schools boast excellence and school pride (but without offering any evidence for this). Most of them claim to have above excellent state scores and have allegedly been awarded many awards such as being the first middle school in California to be awarded Renaissance Model School. The athletics are mainly for fun until they reach high school where most sports are highly competitive. The KCUSD headquarters is located near Reedley High School. Here is a list of the schools that the KCUSD has to offer:


  • Alta Elementary School
  • A.L. Conner Elementary School
  • Jefferson Elementary School
  • Great Western Elementary School
  • Washington Elementary School
  • McCord Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Sheridan Elementary School

K-8 School

  • Dunlap K-8 School
  • Thomas Law Reed K-8 School
  • Riverview K-8 School
  • Silas Bartsch K-8 School

Middle School

  • General Grant Middle School
  • Navelencia Middle School
  • Citrus Middle School

High School

Alternative Education

  • Kings Canyon High School
  • Mountain View Independent School

School Mascots[edit]


-Alta Elementary School EAGLES

-A.L. Conner Elementary School COUGARS

-Jefferson Elementary School JETS

-Great Western Elementary School BRONCOS

-Washington Elementary School WILDCATS

-McCord Elementary School MUSTANGS

-Lincoln Elementary School PANTHERS

-Sheridan Elementary School BULLDOGS

K-8 School

-Dunlap K-8 School BOBCATS

-Thomas Law Reed K-8 School HUSKIES

-Riverview K-8 School BEAVERS

-Silas Bartsch K-8 School BENGALS

Middle School

-General Grant Middle School GRIZZLIES

-Navelencia Middle School PATRIOTS

-Citrus Middle School VIKINGS

High School

-Reedley High School PIRATES

-Orange Cove High School TITANS

-Dunlap Leadership Academy

Alternative Education

-Kings Canyon High School WILDCATS

-Mountain View Independent School


  • The athletics in middle school offer flag football and play against KCUSD K-8/Middle schools.
  • General Grant Middle School Grizzlies are the only middle school to offer tennis which means other schools have to play for the Grizzlies. They play against out-of-town middle schools.
  • Chess teams compete against KCUSD schools and in tournaments around California.
  • Reedley High School is the only non-Fresno area school to offer badminton as a competitive sport.
  • Reedley High School competes as a Div. II team and is in the County/Metro Athletic Conference (CMAC) league.
  • Orange Cove High School competes as a Div. VI team and has captured many Div. VI titles and a few runner-up titles.
  • Reedley High School has captured many Div. II titles and a few runner-up titles.


  • Citrus Middle School is the only middle school to have a marching band.
  • General Grant Middle School is the first middle school in California to become a Renaissance Model School.
  • T.L. Reed School is named after the founder of the city of Reedley.
  • Reedley HS was the site of Reedley College in the early 1900s.
  • Jefferson Elementary School was one of the first schools to try Accelerated Math in 1999.
  • All 6th graders experience a week-long outdoor retreat at a camp known to many as SCICON.
  • Riverview K-8 School was the first school in KCUSD to reach over 800 as an API score in 2008, they scored 817.[citation needed]