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King's College Budo
Buddo, Wakiso District
Type Secondary School
Motto Gakyali Mabaga
(So little done, So much more to do)
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican
Established 1906
Founder Henry Walter Weatherhead
Headmaster Patrick Baka Male
Number of students c. 1,300
Houses 6 for boys, 3 for girls
Colour(s) Red and White
Athletics rugby, cricket, soccer, track, tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball and golf
Publication The Budonian

King’s College Budo is a mixed, residential, secondary school in Central Uganda.


King's College Budo predates Makerere University as one of the first centres of higher learning in Uganda. Only Mengo Senior School, Namilyango College and Gayaza High School are older. Since independence in 1962, three out of eight Ugandan Presidents and many members of the royal families of Buganda (including Ronald Mutebi II), Toro and Busoga, have been Budonians.


The school is located on Budo Hill, in southern Wakiso District, off the Kampala-Masaka Road. This location lies approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi), by road, southwest of the central business district of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.[1] The coordinates of the school campus are: Latitude:0.2560N; Longitude:32.4870E.


The school was officially opened on 29 March 1906 with 21 boys. It is one of the oldest schools in Africa.[2] It was initially set up as a school to educate the sons of chiefs, but gradually it started admitting Ugandans from all walks of life and from all over the country, without regard to ethnicity, religion or background. In 1933, the first 6 girls were admitted thereby making it the first co-education great school in the country. The school was started by Henry Walter Weatherhead, an ordained priest of the Church of England, and a graduate of Trinity College Cambridge.

The school was established largely due to the initiative and enthusiasm of Bishop Tucker, the first Anglican Bishop of Uganda.The first Ugandan in the school was Tumushabe Carlos. Bishop Tucker financed the whole project with an estimated ₤20000.00 from his diocese. Weatherhead scouted a number of places for the school, but eventually picked Budo, for its elegant hill and view of the lake. However, he soon found himself set against the whole of Buganda since Buddo was a royal hill where Buganda Kings were crowned. He credited Sir Apollo Kaggwa, regent for the young Kabaka of Buganda at that time, and at the same time Katikiro of Buganda for enabling him to succeed despite great opposition.

Notable alumni[edit]

Alumni of Budo are known as Old Budonians. Old Budonians have distinguished themselves in service to Uganda and Buganda Kingdom. The list of notable alumni includes 3 Presidents, 1 Vice President, 2 Prime Ministers, Speaker of Parliament, 3 Kings of Buganda Kingdom, various royals, academics, clergymen and sports personalities.


  • His Majesty Sir Edward Mutesa II - 35th Kabaka of Buganda and first President of Uganda
  • Prince Kiweewa Junju- First Born son to Kabaka Ronald M. Mutebi II
  • His Majesty Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III of Toro - Omukama of Toro
  • Isebantu Henry Wako Muloki - Kyabazinga of Busoga
  • Chief Yosia Nadiope - Gabula of Bugabula, Busoga
  • Chief Ezekiel Tenywa Wako - Zibondo of Bulamogi
  • Isebantu Sir William Wilberforce Kajumbula Nadiope, Gabula of Bugabula & Kyabazinga of Busoga
  • His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II - 36th Kabaka of Buganda
  • HRH Patrick Kaboyo (R.I.P) - Omukama of Toro
  • Prince Erisa Ndaula Kironde (R.I.P) - First Ugandan Chairman of Uganda Electricity Board
  • Her Majesty Grace Masembe -Princess of the Buganda Tribe- Nsenene Clan


  • Ignatius Kangave Musaazi (R.I.P) - Founder of the first political party in Uganda (The Uganda National Congress)
  • Prof. Yusuf Lule (R.I.P) - 4th President of the Republic of Uganda
  • Godfrey Binaisa (R.I.P) - 5th President of the Republic of Uganda
  • Sir William Wilberforce Kajumbula Nadiope- 1st Vice President of Uganda, 1963-1966
  • Samson Kisekka (R.I.P) - Vice President 1991 - 1994, Prime Minister 1986 - 1991
  • Prof. Apolo Nsibambi - Prime Minister 1999 - 2011
  • James Wapakhabulo (R.I.P) - Speaker of Parliament 1993 - 1996
  • Charles Muganje Njonjo - former Attorney General of Kenya 1963 - 1979
  • Olara Otunnu - UPC President General and former Under Secretary of the UN
  • Dr. Crispus Kiyonga - Minister of Defence 2006–Present and MP Bukonjo West
  • John Ssebaana Kizito - Mayor of Kampala City 1996 - 2006
  • Elidad Muliira - founder of the Progressive Party 1955
  • Aggrey Awori - Minister for ICT 2009 - 2011
  • Abubaker Kakyama Mayanja - Attorney General and 3rd Deputy Prime Minister 1986 - 1994
  • Dr. Barnabas Kununka - Minister for Internal Affairs 1980
  • Sam Kahamba Kuteesa - MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs 2004–Present
  • Fredrick Semaganda - Mayor Kampala City Council
  • Akbar Adoko Nekyon - Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism 1962 - 1966
  • John Kakonge, Secretary General of UPC in the early 60s.
  • Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turwomwe - Founder President of Uganda Federal Alliance. Presidential candidate in 2011 general election.


  • Justice Benjamin Joseph Odoki - Chief Justice of the Republic of Uganda
  • Justice James Munange Ogoola - Principal Judge and Head of the Commercial Court of Uganda
  • Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde - Judge at the International Court of Justice, the Hague, Netherlands
  • Geoffrey Kiryabwire, Justice of Appeal, Court of Appeal / Constitutional Court, Uganda
  • Elizabeth Kibula Kabanda, Judge of the High Court, Uganda
  • David Lubogo - Judge of the High Court of Uganda
  • Paulo Sebalu (RIP)- Co-founding lawyer of Sebalu and Lule Advocates, proprietor of Muyenga Club
  • Peter Nkambo Mugerwa - former Attorney General of King's College Budo. Born In 1933

The Church[edit]

  • Rt. Rev. canon emeritus Eria Paul Luzinda - retired auditor of the church of Uganda.
  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Micheal Senyimba - Bishop of Mukono and Vice Chancellor of Ndejje University
  • Rt. Rev. Disan Senyonjo - Bishop of West Buganda Diocese 1974 - 1998
  • Rev. Fr. Spartas R.S. Ssebanja Mukasa - founder of the African Greek Orthodox Church in Uganda

Diplomats and Civil Service[edit]

  • Amanya Mushega - East African Community Secretary General
  • Apollo Kironde - 1st Ugandan Ambassador to the UN
  • Grace Ibingira - designed the Uganda national flag, Ambassador to UN 1971 - 1973 and Minister of Justice 1962 - 1964
  • George Wilberforce Kakooma - composed the Uganda national anthem
  • Dr. William Samson Kalema - former UK Prime minister Tony Blair's Commissioner for Africa 2003 - 2005
  • Jennifer Musisi - Lawyer & Administrator. First Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, 2011–Present
  • Miriam Nakityo Kateregga - Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Mpigi, 2011–Present




  • Sir Samuel K Byakika - Government Agent, Uganda National Roads Authority
  • Nelson Sebugwawo - Former Judge in Buganda Government & grandfather to Queen Nagginda
  • George Egaddu - Former Managing Partner of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Uganda
  • Peter Sematimba - Pioneer Radio Personality & Politician
  • Allan Toniks - Musician

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Coordinates: 0°15′24″N 32°29′12″E / 0.25667°N 32.48667°E / 0.25667; 32.48667