Massive Appendage

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Massive Appendage
OriginSydney, New South Wales
Years active1986 - 1990
Associated actsKings Cross
Festers Fanatics
Killing Time
Past membersJed Starr (Darren McCormack)
Big Bird (Matt McCormack)
Snuff Beastley (Shawn McCormack)
Venom Brown (Steve Brown)
Oxx (Simon Cooper)

Massive Appendage is an Sydney based metal band based around the McCormack brothers, Darren, Matt and Shawn using the aliases Jed Starr, Big Bird and Snuff Beastley. It is one of multiple highly connected bands involving the brothers, others being Kings Cross, Festers Fanatics and Starworld.[1]

Massive Appendage[edit]

Massive Appendage, a heavy metal band, was formed in Sydney in 1986 by Jed Starr (guitar, vocals), Big Bird (guitar, vocals), Snuff Beastley (bass) and Venom Brown (drums). Oxx replaced Brown in 1989 and the band released a self-financed album The Severed Erection later that year with the album cover (painted by Kriss Hayes of Sadistik Exekution)causing controversy.[1][2][3]

Kings Cross[edit]

Kings Cross, a hard rock band, was first formed in the early 1980s in Los Angeles by Darren, Matt and Shawn McCormack where they released an EP. This version ended when the brothers returned to Australia. Kings Cross reformed in Australia with Jedd Starr, Snuff Beastley, Tubby Wadsworth (drums) and Marc "Cat Weazle" Welsh (guitar). They released and album, Psychedelic World, in 1989.[1]

Festers Fanatics[edit]

Festers Fanatics, a punk rock band, was formed in Sydney in 1987 by Jedd Starr, Snuff Beastley, Tubby Wadsworth with Fester (Aldo Rubernik) on vocals. Marc Welsh joined on guitar and Oxx and Squire Anderson (bass) replaced Wadsworth and Beastley. The band released two albums What Choice Do We Have? and Fester Fanatics' Greatest Cocktail Party Hits and broke up in 1990. An EP, Great Aussie Demo, was released in 1986.[1][4]


Starworld was formed in 1992 by Jed Starr, Big Bird, Venom Brown and Anthony Ragg (bass, ex Kings of the Sun). in 1993 Marc Welsh took over from Ragg. They released an EP called Starworld '93 in 1993.[1] In 1993 Brown and Ragg both joined Nick Barker's new band Barker.

Other Bands[edit]

Wadsworth and Starr joined Killing Time in Melbourne in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Together they released two EPS before Wadsworh left in 1991. The band released a single before Starr left in early 1992. Killing Time later changed their name to Mantissa and continued on until disbanding in 1996.

Starr was a member of Jon Stevens's backing band, co-writing and appearing on his 1993 album Are U Satisfied along with Nick Barker.


Massive Appendage

  • The Severed Erection (1989) - Original

Fester Fanatics

  • What Choice Do We Have? (1988) - Original
  • Fester Fanatics' Greatest Cocktail Party Hits (1989) - Original
  • Great Aussie Demo EP (1988) - Original

Kings Cross

  • Kings Cross EP (1984)
  • Psychedelic World (1989) - Original


  • Starworld '93 (1993)


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