Kings Highway Bridge

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Kings Highway Bridge
Coordinates 36°50′N 76°33′W / 36.84°N 76.55°W / 36.84; -76.55Coordinates: 36°50′N 76°33′W / 36.84°N 76.55°W / 36.84; -76.55
Carries Kings Highway
Crosses Nansemond River
Locale Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Named for Kings Highway
Opened 1928
Closed March 2005
Daily traffic 3,300 motorists a day

Kings Highway Bridge was located on the Nansemond River in the independent city of Suffolk, Virginia, United States. Built in 1928, it carried traffic on the Kings Highway, also known as State Route 125, for over 75 years.

The drawbridge was deemed unsafe and closed to traffic in March 2005 by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). In March 2007, VDOT announced that the bridge would be demolished and removed, with no plans for replacement,[1] and demolition began in June.[2] In 2008, several boats struck debris from the old bridge.[3][4]

About 3,300 motorists a day used the bridge that connected Chuckatuck and Driver. Now, they face detours of as much as 19 miles. The cost of a new bridge for the King's Highway crossing is estimated at $48 million, far more than could be recovered through collection of tolls at that location.[5]


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Coordinates: 36°50′N 76°33′W / 36.84°N 76.55°W / 36.84; -76.55