Kings Hill/Southwest Salmon Street MAX Station

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Kings Hill/Southwest Salmon Street
MAX Light Rail Station
Photo max.jpg
Location SW 18th Ave and Salmon St
Goose Hollow, Portland, Oregon
United States
Coordinates 45°31′13″N 122°41′28″W / 45.52028°N 122.69111°W / 45.52028; -122.69111Coordinates: 45°31′13″N 122°41′28″W / 45.52028°N 122.69111°W / 45.52028; -122.69111
Owned by TriMet
Platforms Island platform
Tracks 2
Disabled access Yes
Opened August 31, 1997
Preceding station   TriMet logo simplified.svg MAX Light Rail   Following station
Blue Line
Red Line

Kings Hill/Southwest Salmon Street is a light rail station on the MAX Blue and Red Lines in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Its incorrectly punctuated name refers to the hillside to the west of the station, which has historically been referred to as King's Hill.[1] A section of King's Hill, which contains many historic buildings, qualified for inclusion within the King's Hill Historic District, the easternmost boundary of which is at SW 21st Avenue.[2] The station is located in the center of SW 18th Avenue and has a single platform between the tracks. The platforms are accessed from the left-hand side of the train.

Despite the Providence Park eastbound station being only a few blocks away, the station was added at the request of the neighborhood. It provides service to Lincoln High School and the Multnomah Athletic Club. Though one of the least used downtown MAX stations, a new condominium development nearby is expected to boost ridership.[3]

Artwork around the station recalls Tanner Creek, which was buried and infilled early in Portland's history, and a bronze goose paying tribute to the Goose Hollow neighborhood. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening etched Bart Simpson into the east sidewalk of SW 18th Avenue in 1996 during the construction of this station. The City of Portland has opted to leave the sidewalk intact. SW 18th Avenue runs behind Lincoln High School, where Groening graduated in 1972.

Bus line connections[edit]

This MAX station is served by the following bus lines:

  • 15-Belmont/NW 23rd Ave
  • 51-Vista
  • 63-Washington Park


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