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Kings Park is a census-designated place (CDP) in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States. The population as of the 2010 Census was 4,333. It is a suburban community, built beginning in early 1960, located near the junction of Braddock, Burke Lake and Rolling Roads in the Springfield area (ZIP code 22151). Richmarr Construction designed Kings Park as a planned community, with a park at its center, an elementary school, and an adjacent namesake shopping center.

Kings Park VA


Ownership of the properties can be traced to Lord Culpeper who, in 1690, transferred the lands which now include Kings Park and Ravensworth Farm to William Fitzhugh. The land passed through Martha Custis, the wife of George Washington, to her son George Custis, then to his daughter, Mary Randolph Custis, who married Robert E. Lee at Arlington when he was a young officer in the U.S Army. After the outbreak of the Civil War, Mary Custis Lee moved to relative safety at the Ravensworth Farm. Ownership of the property remained in the Lee family until World War I when the land was sold to the Flatfelter Fulpwood Company. The company removed most of the softwood trees but retrained the hardwood, many of which are still in abundance in Kings Park. In the early 1950s the properties were sold to a Baltimore investment firm and those which were to become Kings Park were later sold to Richmarr Construction Corporation. A number of landmarks in and around Kings Park still retain vestiges of their early history. Kings Park, as we know it today, began in March 1960 when a 200 acre wooded entrance of Kings Park Dr. from Braddock Rd.


Coordinates: 38°48′22″N 77°14′36″W / 38.80611°N 77.24333°W / 38.80611; -77.24333