Kings of Ailech

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Exterior view of the Grianan of Aileach in County Donegal, the royal fort of the Kingdom of Aileach

The Kings of Ailech belonged to the Northern Uí Néill and were based at the Grianan of Aileach (Irish: Grianán Ailigh),[1] a hillfort on top of Greenan Mountain in modern-day County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. The restored fort stands in a commanding position at the base of the Inishowen peninsula overlooking Lough Swilly to the west and Lough Foyle to the east.

Early Kings (5th-8th Centuries)[edit]

Earlier Kings of Cenél nEógain and Ailech included:

Kings between 700 and 1185[edit]

The following is a list of their Kings from 700 to 1185. Some were also High Kings of Ireland.

Kings post-1185[edit]

From 1185, the Cenél nEógain ruled as Kings of Tír Eógain.

The last to actually be styled King of Ailech was Áed Buide Ua Néill (died 1283).

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