Kings of Byblos

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The Kings of Byblos were the ruler of Byblos, the ancient Phoenician city in what is now Lebanon.

Scholars have pieced together the fragmented list from various archaeological finds since the 19th century.[1]

Early period[edit]

  • c.1800s BC Abichemou I
  • c.1790s BC Yapachemou Abi I
  • c.1700s BC Rib-Hadda, Yakin
  • c.1500s BC Yantin-Ammu, Abichemou II, Yapachemou Abi II, Eglia

Egyptian period[edit]

Phoenician golden age[edit]

Assyrian period[edit]

  • c.710 BC Urumilki / Urumiku
  • c.670 BC Milkiashapa / Milkiasaph
  • c.650 BC Yehawmelek

Persian period[edit]

  • 450s BC Yehawmilk
  • mid-400s BC Paltibaal
  • mid-400s BC Batnoam
  • late-400s BC Ozbaal
  • 300s BC Malcander
  • 332 BC Enylus

Roman period[edit]

  • 68 BC Cinyrus

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