Kings of Corco Modhruadh

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King of Corco Modhruadh
Style his Majesty
First monarch Torpaid
Last monarch Conchobar Ua Chonchobuir
Abolition 1104

The Kings of Corco Modhruadh reigned over an area that was coextensive with the diocese of Kilfenora.

In the 12th-century, the kingdom into Corco Modhruadh Iartharach ("Western Corcomroe") and Corco Modhruadh Oirthearach ("Eastern Corcomroe") also known as Boireann. These districts were fuled by the Ó Conchubhair Corcomroe and Ó Lochlainn families, respectively.

In the 16th-century these areas became the English administrative baronies of Corcomroe and Burren.

List of kings (incomplete)[edit]

For further references, see Annals of Inisfallen

  • Torpaid, died 769.
  • Flaithbertach mac Dub Ruip, died 873.
  • Cet mac Flaithbertach, 907-919
  • Aniudán mac Mael Gorm, died 936.
  • Conchobar mac Mael Sechnaill, fl. 993, died 1003.
  • Cathal mac Conchobur, died 1015
  • Lochlainn, died 1015.
  • Conchobar mac Mael Sechnaill, died 1027.
  • Congalach Ua Lochlainn, died 1045.
  • Anad Ua Lochlainn, killed 1060.
  • Conchobar Ua Chonchobuir, died 1104

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