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Kingsauce is a "novelty-pop" project headed by Richie Chodes. They are considered to be an extension of The Elephant 6 Recording Company. Combining elements of mid-1960s pop, 1970s AM radio, and a touch of vaudeville, Kingsauce creates tunes with silly, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Their last full-length CD Cancelled was released in August 2007. Chodes was also a member of Vince Mole and his Calcium Orchestra, headed by former Apples in Stereo guitarist Chris Parfitt.


  • Ode to Lobo - December 1999 -7" EP on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
  • Split single on Obtuse Records - May 2000
  • Please don't change the channel - August 2002 - full-length CD release on HHBTM Records
  • "Cancelled" August 2007 -Full-length CD on Little Pocket Records.
  • Pacific Nature Recording Presents... 1 (Split CD with Iamb and Flatsound)
  • "Chanukah Blues" December 2008 -EP on Little Pocket Records.