Kingsbury Oil Terminal

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Kingsbury Oil Terminal
Kingsbury Oil Depot - - 70103.jpg
General information
Type Oil storage depot
Location Kingsbury, Warwickshire
Address Trinity Road
Coordinates Coordinates: 52°34′24″N 1°40′20″W / 52.5732°N 1.6723°W / 52.5732; -1.6723
Completed 1960s
Owner BP
Warwickshire Oil Storage Limited
Valero Energy Limited
British Pipeline Agency

Kingsbury Oil Terminal is an oil storage depot located to the northeast of the village of Kingsbury, Warwickshire, England. It was opened in the late 1960s and serves the Midlands region. It is the largest inland oil storage depot in the United Kingdom.[1] The main operators at the site are BP, Warwickshire Oil Storage Limited and Valero Energy Corporation.[2] The site also has facilities from Shell and pipeline operations from the British Pipeline Agency.[3]

In August 2006 the terminal was targeted by terrorists as part of a terror plot involving several sites across the country.[4]


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