Kingscote and Horsley Woods

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Kingscote and Horsley Woods
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Kingscote Wood - - 1259913.jpg
Kingscote Wood with wild garlic ground flora
Kingscote and Horsley Woods is located in Gloucestershire
Kingscote and Horsley Woods
Location within Gloucestershire
Area of Search Gloucestershire
Grid reference ST831971
Coordinates 51°40′22″N 2°14′42″W / 51.672865°N 2.245065°W / 51.672865; -2.245065Coordinates: 51°40′22″N 2°14′42″W / 51.672865°N 2.245065°W / 51.672865; -2.245065
Interest Biological
Area 43.79 hectare
Notification 1966
Natural England website

Kingscote and Horsley Woods (grid reference ST831971) is a 43.79-hectare (108.2-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1966.[1][2][3] The site (Kingscote Woods Complex, including Conygre Wood, Sandgrove Wood and Fishponds Wood) is listed in the 'Cotswold District' Local Plan 2001-2011 (on line) as a Key Wildlife Site (KWS).[4]


The woods are in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there are two units of assessment. There are four separately named woods in the citation being Kingscote, Horsley, Sandgrove and Fishponds.[1]

Woodland type[edit]

The site is an example of ancient Beech woodland, which is typical of the Jurassic limestone of the west Cotswolds. Kingscote, Horsley and Sandgrove woods are similar and includes some Ash and Oak. The woodland understorey is Hazel and Hawthorn. These are Bluebell woods with Wood Garlic, Wood Anemone and Dog's Mercury.[1]

Fishponds Wood, as its names implies, includes a pond area, and is a regenerated woodland, having been previously felled. Ground flora includes Small Teasel.[1]


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