Kingsford Smith Drive, Canberra

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Kingsford Smith Drive
Australian Capital Territory
General information
Type Road
Length 7.2 km (4.5 mi)
Opened 1970s
Major junctions
North end Kuringa Drive 35°11′31″S 149°03′47″E / 35.192°S 149.063°E / -35.192; 149.063 (Kingsford Smith Drive at Kuringa Drive)
  Ginninderra Drive, Southern Cross Drive, Belconnen Way
South end William Hovel Drive 35°14′46″S 149°01′41″E / 35.246°S 149.028°E / -35.246; 149.028 (Kingsford Smith Drive at William Hovel Drive)
Major suburbs Spence, Flynn, Latham, Higgins, Melba, Florey and Scullin

Kingsford Smith Drive, is a main road in the district of Belconnen in Canberra, Australia and is named in honour of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith

Primarily a dual carriageway road between the intersection of Drake Brockman Drive in Higgins and a termination point at Kuringa Drive in Spence, Kingsford Smith drive follows an approximate north/south alignment with a distance of around 7.2 km. The speed limit is 80 km/h for the southern ⅔ of the road until a point between Ginninderra Drive and Companion Crescent where the limit drops to 70 km/h for the climb towards Mt Rogers. Kingsford Smith Drive intersects with the major roads of Ginninderra Drive, Southern Cross Drive and Belconnen Way.

Kingsford Smith Drive looking south from Spalding St

Kingsford Smith Drive is the major dividing road between the suburbs of Spence, Flynn, Latham and Higgins on the west, with the suburbs of Melba, Florey and Scullin on the east.

Kingsford Smith Drive north of Ginnindera Drive is considered to be a high accident road with numerous deaths occurring there since the road was created in the late 1970s. The most recent fatal accident occurred on February 25, 2006 when a 23-year-old man lost control of his car between Verbrugghen St and Companion Cr in Melba. The driver died at the scene, while the male passenger was taken to the Canberra Hospital in a serious condition.

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